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18 Oct 2009 - 11:56pm
Chicago IxDA4

[Event Reminder] SketchFlow Workshop at Microsoft - Monday & Tuesday

*NOTE:* The Monday night session is full.* If you registered, please make
every effort to attend.*

Seats are still available for the Tuesday session.

28 May 2009 - 12:32pm

[JOB] Senior UI Designer & Principal UI Designer Position at CA, Hyderabad India

Hi All,

CA (formerly Computer Associates) is looking for *Senior UI Designers*
and *Principal
UI Designer* for User- Experience Group, Hyderabad, India.

Interested candidates may send CV to gajendra.agrawal at ca.com with subject
line “Application for “*Senior UI Designer*” or “*Application for Principal
UI Designer*”

*Senior UI Designer***

*Specifications *

- 5-6 years of experience in UI Design field
- Good understanding and exposure of User Centered De

30 Aug 2009 - 6:42pm
5 years ago
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Mark Schraad

the user is blamed by default...

Just ran across one of my pet peeves. Putting the user at blame when
they are not. I was trying to log on to manage some of our benefits.
I use macs... we both do. Not a windows machine here. I used
Safari... then tried Firefox (both up to date).

16 Nov 2007 - 3:46pm
7 years ago
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beril guvendik

How to help a new employee to get started

I am looking for insight and best practices to how to help a new designer
get started with the team, company and the product. I haven't been in a
situation where I was responsible for this so I am slightly at a loss.

How do you approach getting a new designer familiar with everything. What is
a good way to spend the first day? What is a good day to spend the first
week? Is there anything you ask them to do specifically to benefit from
their fresh status?

27 Jan 2009 - 5:09am

Pattern Languages for Interaction Design

Pattern Languages for Interaction Design

So I decided to get people excited about Interaction 09 - I would
interview Erin Malone, Christian Crumlish, and Lucas Pettinati to talk
about design patterns, pattern libraries, styleguides, and innovation.

16 Aug 2008 - 7:56am

IxDA DC Local Site


I just opened up the IxDA DC local chapter website. Anyone can join, but
profiles still require approval so we can make sure marketers and spammers
don't get through.


*From the site: *Why another social networking site for IxDA folks?

We really have only a few focused goals:
1. Keep track of local and national events of interest to the IxD and IA
communities, but with emphasis on DC.
2. Serve as meeting place for local (DC, VA, MD) UX professionals for
networking, socializing and community building.

23 Jun 2005 - 4:35pm

User Experience Designers Needed, Full Time, Perficient, Inc. (Minneapolis, Indianapolis, and St. Louis, USA)

Perficient, Inc., a leading information technology consulting firm in the
central United States, is currently seeking User Experience Designers with
strong user interface design/information, interaction architecture and
usability skills for its St. Louis, Minneapolis and Indianapolis offices.
The Minneapolis and Indianapolis offices are seeking experienced User
Experience Designers. The St.

19 Mar 2008 - 1:44am
7 years ago
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Ian Shou

principles of content placement hierarchy?


Sorry if this is not the right way to start a new thread. I'm new to this
site, and couldn't find a way to start a new topic. I know the summary
sounds somewhat cryptic, but I'm not sure how else to put this. I know each
website has its own requirements, but I'm wondering if anyone out there has
any "industry standards" (ie Jakob Nielsen, etc.) for "best practice"
principles of layout in terms of where to place content on a page according
to how important it is to the user. For example, I have a client who has 2
"functions" he wants on his homepage...

8 May 2009 - 11:51am
6 years ago
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Harry Brignull

Ungraceful degradation of HTML emails and conversion rates.

Hi everyone,

I'm currently doing a bit of desk research on HTML email, and I've been
really unimpressed with how many sites use templates that degrade very
ungracefully when images are turned off. I'm wondering if anyone has any
stats on the proportion of users who have images turned off by default, or
any stats on the proportion of users who click "display images below" (etc)
to reveal them.

What I'm really interested in is the impact on conversion rates.

1 Jul 2011 - 5:34am
3 years ago
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Ali Naqvi

Diary studies as an indirect obervation


have any of you experience with diary studies? I would like to know whether the users of a fully functional product, are honest and whether they forget/omit information.