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19 Aug 2009 - 9:23am
5 years ago
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Traci Lepore

Social media and potentially offensive material....how/do you mediate?

Yesterday I was reading this post in NY Magazine.....about Disney hiring David Mamet to help write a new movie version of The Diary of Anne Frank. Now I don't know how anyone who is familiar with Mamet's work doesn't have a moment of what that could sound like flashing in their head. I certainly did before I even read the post. What stunned me though was the comments about it. Many people found it offensive and "not funny".

This brought up the question for me about social media these days and the good use of freedom of speech it seems to allow.

18 Jun 2010 - 11:58am
4 years ago
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MA Design for Interactive Media at Middlesex

Hi Guys,

I need help to get more opinion from Middlesex alumini.

I got an offer for MA Design for Interactive Media and I couldn`t find any message about this course or  Lansdown Centre.

I Don`t need more info about UCL, City and others, I got enough info already...



5 Aug 2008 - 4:07pm
6 years ago
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Jay Morgan

Silverlight/rich image galleries

I'm looking for examples of image galleries based on rich technology,
especially Silverlight. Can anyone share examples?


Jay A. Morgan

Information Architecture & Scenario-based design.
Design Patterns & Mental Models.

17 Jul 2008 - 1:59pm
Meredith Noble

[EVENT] Reminder: IxDA Toronto event tonight at 7pm!

Hi all,

Just a reminder that IxDA Toronto is having its first educational event
tonight - Nick Farnell is going to be giving a sketching tutorial at the
Centre for Social Innovation (215 Spadina).

If you're looking for something to do tonight, we'll have lots of room.
Festivities start at 7pm! Everyone is welcome.

21 Jan 2010 - 1:35pm

Early Bird Pricing for Adaptive Path Events Ends 1/31 Use your 15% IxDA Discount

Hi IxDA,

Early bird registration ends January 31st, and IxDA members get an
additional 15% off current pricing:

*MX 2010* <http://mxconference.com/>* *
*Managing Experiences Across the Web and Beyond*
*A conference for people who take a leadership role in guiding better
experiences into the world.
*March 7-8*
The Intercontinental San Francisco
$1,595 regular price


*UX Intensive Amsterdam <http://www.adaptivepath.com/events/2010/uxi/>*
*Our popular four-day workshop se

11 Oct 2007 - 4:05pm
6 years ago
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Feature-based design, according to the Onion.

It's an oldie, but a goodie.


I swear, I wanna read that at a poetry slam sometime.

Andrew Hinton
inkblurt at gmail.com

24 Nov 2009 - 12:14pm
4 years ago
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Los Angeles IxDA

[EVENT] IxDA Los Angeles "Designing Social Interfaces - 5 principles, 5 practices, 5 antipatterns"

Designing sites that foster user interaction and community-building is an
invaluable skill for designers and developers in the post-web 2.0 era.

10 Dec 2010 - 11:19am
3 years ago
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Jayson Elliot

Password usability

There is a lot of research that I can find about security policies and usability when it comes to user passwords.

What I'm not able to find, however, is anything related to policies with FORBID special characters. We have a security specialist in IT who is insisting that the password policy must forbid special characters, because "special characters give users too many options to forget."

15 Jun 2004 - 10:09am
10 years ago
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an interface vocabulary

I'm developing a taxonomy with several vocabularies for a client. One
vocabulary is interface objects/GUI for web and software, so it crosses web
content, web application and client application terms. I was wondering if
folks would mind commenting. It's quite rough (and perhaps you might enjoy

I'd love:

new terms I don't yet have
comments on relationships (I.e. that's not a control, it's a X)
and anything else you have to say.

the notation is traditional LIS..

BT = Broader Term (I.e. parent)
NT = Narrower Term (I.e.

31 May 2005 - 9:04am
9 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Ivrea is having a summer camp

Normally I don't do forwards, but thought this one was too relevant and
interesting to avoid:

-- dave


Interaction Design Institute Ivrea promotes the first SUMMER CAMP (Italy)

Interaction Design Institute Ivrea presents Summer Camp 2005, a chance to
learn about creativity, innovation and technology.