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17 Nov 2003 - 6:48pm
10 years ago
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Challis Hodge

New Uber Design Org

What do folks think of this?


Aren't there more than two design disciplines?


21 May 2008 - 11:44am

Another Flash-FLEX question - design books?

I promise this isn't related to my previous Flash question - just coincidence.

Are there books people would recommend that talk about how to create
good designs in Flash/FLEX. For example, there appear to be
particular ways one has to work with CSS to get the effect one might
want. And there is a particular widget set that has certain
affordances, some of which seem better than others. I'm looking more
for some "how to" and "best practices" information than I am general
design pattern type stuff. But I'll take what I can get.

Thanks in advance,

19 Jan 2007 - 8:34am
A.C.Roibas at b...

Parallel Session on "Mobile sharing applications for nomad and peripatetic storytellers" at HCII 2007.

Call for papers:

Parallel Session on "Mobile sharing applications for nomad and peripatetic storytellers" at HCII 2007.

This parallel session aims to present research addressing innovative data gathering, evaluation and participatory design techniques to develop pervasive interactive multimedia systems that enable the creation and sharing of stories. supporting and encouraging creativity, collaborative work and socializing.

27 Oct 2009 - 9:18am
Ted Meulenkamp

JOB: UX DIRECTOR EUROPE Vistaprint Barcelona

The Director of User Experience & Site Optimization will build & lead
VistaPrint's European team of information architects, site
optimization and usability specialists in developing world-class user
interfaces based on iterative design, testing, and customer research.
The team leads user interface design for our 14 localized European
web sites.

Your objective is to drive improvements to conversion rate, average
order value, and lifetime value of VistaPrint's customers.

22 Sep 2008 - 2:57pm
Kate Rutter

[EVENT] Free event in SF, Tue 9/23 @ 6:00pm : Solving problems and selling ideas with pictures

Hello, IxDs and information junkies:

If you're in SF this week, join us at this free event. Dan's approach to
information design is easy, smart and fun.

11 Mar 2010 - 1:20pm
4 years ago
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Drew Cogswell

Suggestions for Mobile design conference?

Does anyone have good suggestions on conferences focused on design for mobile applications or devices?  It could also be a conference with a mobile track or concentration.  I'm looking for the UX professional perspective, not development. Thanks for any suggestions!

19 Aug 2004 - 11:11am
Jef Raskin

Re: Morality and Windows UI Compliance


The Mac interface is hardly better than Windows. The differences are
mostly trivial. I have written a number of critiques of it.

You ask for alternative guidelines: Have you seen my book?

"Also, we're in business, our customers demand
> windows compliant stuff - and yes, this is exactly what they do demand
> however unfortunate that is."

I am in business, too.

18 Feb 2009 - 1:11pm
5 years ago
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Gary Zamchick

...and don't forget to laugh

While in pursuit of the simple, the
clear, the intuitive, the new, I'd like to give whimsy, surprise, and um, the warm embrace of stupidity, their due.

No matter the domain, – virtual or tangible, high tech or high touch,
interfaces or environments, – innovative thinking is accompanied by the opportunity to twist toward one of four emotional
outcomes: the aha! (scientific knowing),
the ah! (aesthetic experience), the ha ha! (humorous relief) and the duh? (what
I’ll call “blessed stupidity”).

23 Jan 2007 - 2:14pm
7 years ago
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check-out and trust (was...Google Checkout'scredit card widget)

It would really educate me if you would fill in the blanks on several of
your "givens." I'm guessing that your intensive experience with checkout
makes some of these things foregone conclusions to you:
1) What specific items are vestiges (having to choose a credit card type,
multi-page wizards, not using biometrics or RFID)???
2) What momentum does Paypal have, other than being the first in years to
eat Visa/MC/Amex's lunch? This is honestly not a condemnation. I'm asking
if/how they've improved checkout.

20 Jul 2004 - 12:18pm
Gerard Torenvliet

Does usability hinder innovation? (Was RE: ADMIN:)

Dan quoted Nico Macdonald who wrote:

> "Usability can be used to improve an innovation, but
> it can't drive innovation...Usability has come to dominate
> thinking about the design process...Too much user focus
> may be a barrier to innovation. Research is likely to tell us
> that users desire an improvement on something they
> already understand. Ask them if they would use a
> proposed innovation and they will say no - and then adopt
> it when they have seen its utility demonstrated.