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5 Mar 2007 - 11:57pm
9 years ago
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Product Company Entrapreneurs (apologies for cross posting)

As a fund-raising fool, I attend a lot of SV networking events for
entrepreneurs. There are plenty of them. I meet marketers, engineers,
business folks... but never any designers or folks with design
backgrounds (unless it's Frank Ramirez.) This might be my luck, or it
might be a trend. I'd like to hear from folks why you think this
happens? why don't more ID's, Interaction designers, etc become product
company CEO's? And yes, I've heard of 37 signals... but even they took
a different outsider path.

6 Jun 2006 - 10:58am
10 years ago
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Alvin Tan

Handling Timezones and DST


I'm wondering how you guys have designed or implemented time zones and DST in your web application projects? Do you guys give the users the option to use DST - if so, where do you base the DST difference?


28 Jul 2005 - 7:25pm
Michael Rabjohns
21 Dec 2010 - 9:40pm
5 years ago
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5 Jan 2010 - 10:57am
Cherie LaPierre

JOB: Sr. Interaction Designer, RIM/BlackBerry, FT

To apply please email your resume to clapierre at rim.com

Research In Motion Limited® (RIM)® is a world leader in the mobile
communications market and has a history of developing breakthrough
wireless solutions. RIM's portfolio of award-winning products,
services and embedded technologies is used by thousands of
organizations around the world and includes the BlackBerry® wireless
platform, the RIM Wireless Handheld™ product line, software
development tools and software/hardware licensing agreements.

22 Feb 2008 - 3:22pm
8 years ago
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Yann Allin

Fields order in a job form

Hi everybody,

I'm wondering how to order fields in a job search form.

My first guess was to place the fields in the following order:

1- Keywords
2- Job
3- Area
4- Experience
5- Type of Contract

According to my client, the right way is to put the keywords field at the

On the other hand, it seems to me that user prefers to search by keywords,
rather than from a job drop-down list.

21 Mar 2008 - 7:47pm
Troy Gardner

Rapid IA, UX, XD with Flash.

I'm putting together a free class on rapid prototyping in Flash in the
LA area.

30 Jun 2008 - 5:42pm
8 years ago
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Robert Hoekman, Jr.

OT: Help remembering the name of a site

A few months ago a site popped up that was about getting design firms to
commit to talking to clients about sustainability in design and improving
their methods and such. Anyone remember the name of the campaign?
It started with the word "designer", I think. Like "Designer's Creed", but
that's not it.



5 Jan 2010 - 12:17pm
San Francisco IxDA

[IxDA SF EVENT] Nilofer Merchant, "When Creativity Isn't Enough, Try Murder" - January 14, 2010 - 6:30pm to 9pm

Event Description
Making the right choices leads us, and our teams to thrive. Many of the best
design thinking waxes poetic that the best ideas come from "blue-sky
ideation," but generating ideas is only part of the challenge of our work.
While brainstorming generates lots of ideas, but you still have to discern
the right choices to win. AND you have to get a group of people to believe
that IT is the right solution

That means we need to have a way to build a vision, envision options but
then make the tough choices to choose ideas that match the goal.

6 Jun 2008 - 10:22am
8 years ago
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Michele Marut

mobile gui menu list style

I've been looking for a section in a mobile or other small screen GUI style
guide about adresses the actual style of menu options

For example, are there any conventions for using "title case - first word is
capitalized" vs "sentence case- just first word " on a small screen vs the
typical larger displays.