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15 Oct 2009 - 11:48am
5 years ago
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Scott Weidman

Honoraria for remote usability study participants from multiple countries

I'm wondering how others offer compensation in remote usability
studies where participants are drawn from multiple countries. I've
been looking into PayPal, and we've used Amazon in the past but I'd
prefer not to tie people to a particular vendor/site.


20 Mar 2010 - 2:48pm
4 years ago
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There's no such thing as JJG

Dan has written a brilliant, courageous, and provocative rebuttal to Jesse's 2009 IA Summit plenary...


...and this is only part one. I'm hoping this will catalyze some interesting and productive discussion. Cheers!

6 Jul 2010 - 9:27am
Boston IxDA

[event] IxDA Boston UX Show & Tell

Do you have... - A nagging design problem? - An interesting new technique? - A crazy idea that needs validation?

Do you need... - A comfortable place to get friendly feedback? - Practice giving or receiving design critique? - Free pizza and drinks?

UX Show & Tell is a casual workshop that's all about the work. Show shortcuts. Ask what to annotate in a wireframe. Draft scenarios and user stories, and identify one from the other.

4 Dec 2006 - 7:02am
7 years ago
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Anu Leponiemi

Testing usability of mobile applications


I'm planning on usability-testing a S40 application, and would like
to hear about the ways you tend to test usability of mobile
applications. Paper prototype is always an option, however, is that
all you do, or do you test with real devices? If so, do you capture
the input some ways, possibly with a software or a camera, or do you
just watch the user use his mobile?



Anu Leponiemi * anu (thingie) lepo.net * +358 40 525 7328 * www.lepo.net

30 Aug 2004 - 8:03pm
Dave Malouf

ADMIN: RE: Digest not working yet; RE: The badly shod shoemaker

<< Perhaps there is something we can do to help (other than Visa numbers)?

Hans (and others),

Ok, so after about 4 versions of this e-mail (the power of the iterative
process); I have added a header to all messages (now I'm sure people will
complain about its length; so please send them directly to me ONLY).

29 Sep 2005 - 5:39pm
Christina Li

Accessibility Conference in China


China Braille Press and Chinese Disabled Persons' Federation are looking for
western accessibility experts to join and give presentation on their
national accessibility conference in China. If anybody on this list are
interested, please contact me for more details.



Christina Li
Founder and Editor in Chief
<http://www.uigarden.net/> www.uigarden.net - Weaving Usability and

Mobile: +44 (0) 7879642662

10 Jul 2009 - 7:39am

REMINDER: PhillyCHI Symposium Welcome Happy Hour &#150; World Cafe Live, Tue July 14

* Apologies for cross-posting. *

PhillyCHI Symposium Welcome Happy Hour – World Cafe Live, Tuesday,
July 14, 2009

To celebrate the second annual UPenn Higher Education Web Symposium,
PhillyCHI will be hosting a happy hour after the symposium's first day
on Tuesday, July 14. Philadelphia’s community of UX practitioners,
researchers, and students are invited to join the symposium’s speakers
and attendees for light appetizers, drinks, and conversation.

5 Jul 2007 - 7:39pm
7 years ago
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Where would you rather be? (was Contract Rates)

We pay $75/hr for a usability engineer quasi interaction designer in Philly.
I do the actual graphic/web design work (putting everything together,
providing living prototypes for him to test). Of course, we're a
non-technical industry (healthcare) and have other UCD folks on staff, but
he tells me we're in his low range.

Please smack me if this type of discussion is off-limits here...

On a similar note, I'm pondering a move, and wondering whether freelancing,
finding a design agency, or a full-time position is better.

4 Apr 2006 - 4:38pm
8 years ago
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Smart Filtering for Usability Requests


This is a very interesting problem that I was asked to find a solution for
from my usability team lead.

Problem: We have a web form on our intranet which different teams can fill
out to request usability work. Currently the form is primarily textfields
asking for information about the project. The different project teams fill
these out without restriction.The team lead is receiving some forms that
have not much of a usability nature to them.

24 Jul 2008 - 2:24pm

Apologies for not bccing !! [Event] Boston IxDA invites you to Designers Anonymous, 7-9pm August 14th, Boston.

Better yet, I propose everyone *come* to the event and Boston IxDA buys a
round on the house. I'll bring drink tickets. :-)


On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 2:25 PM, Boston IxDA <boston.ixda at gmail.com> wrote:

> Ever have one of those days? Sincerest apologies for not bccing you on our
> latest announcement. I'm hanging my head in shame.