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14 Jun 2007 - 2:22pm
4 years ago
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Grady Kelly

Theming of Web Applications ..


I am curious to know what the groups thoughts are about allowing users to
theme a web application. I work for a medical company where it has been
proposed that users be able to change the colors of our flagship application
to whatever they want, mostly their corporate colors, and a logo. Prior to
my arrival, developers made it so that any and everything could be changed,
icon & button colors, text colors, background, headers, you name it.

17 Jul 2010 - 2:36pm
3 years ago
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William Hudson

RE: [IxDA] Right-hand navigation

I wrote an article on this a while back - it's not a definitive answer but addresses the suggestion that right-hand navigation might be more efficient.

However, I have to say that 'people usually figure things out' is not good evidence in favour.

29 Nov 2004 - 10:01am
9 years ago
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Elizabeth Buie

RE: Ease-of-use: Efficiency vs Intuitiveness

Dan Saffer writes:

>As Lada pointed out, a
>system can be effective without being efficient.

And it *cannot* be efficient without being effective.

If you're doing the wrong thing, it doesn't matter how fast you're doing
it. You're not efficient.

Elizabeth, who maintains that the only intuitive interface is the nipple
Elizabeth Buie
Computer Sciences Corporation
Rockville, Maryland, USA

This is a PRIVATE message.

16 Sep 2008 - 9:46pm
Chan FoongYeen

The Fifth International Cyperspace Conference on Ergonomics (CybErg'08) (Registration Fees Waived)

To share with all of you.

Donny Chan


Hi all:

I'd like to invite you all to attend the CybErg conference.

Appreciate if you can also help promote to your colleagues in
Ergonomics/Human Factors field, and yes, there's no registration fee.

We hope we get a greater international presence and more discussion going as

Thanks and have a great day ahead!


Tracks included are:

22 Feb 2007 - 2:07pm
7 years ago
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Resources on web usability in Japan?

I have been asked to help redesign a suite of web products in Japan, and
though I know something about the language and culture, I know nothing
at all about web use and usability in Japan. Can anyone recommend any
resources for me?


-- Joan Vermette

18 Nov 2003 - 4:48am
Narey, Kevin

Design Council description of ID


The Design Council (UK) are a generally well respected design organisation
and through Nico McDonald have provided an excellent description of what
Interaction Design actually is.

22 Jun 2006 - 1:35pm
crispin baynes

golden opportunity, a case and a very unusual proposal


This sounds like a ridiculous plan that could see you lose your job - how
are you going to explain what happened to your next potential employer?
I am sure that a lot of people in this groundbreaking space have to educate
their peers and managers on a daily basis on the value of UX and their
roles. I am also sure that the majority (at least the sane ones) do this by
producing solid work, with tangible results. You have a wonderful community
here where you can draw upon many examples and business cases that can be
used to educate your boss.

1 Apr 2009 - 12:28am
Nasir Barday

Interaction '09 Keynote - John Thackara - Designing for Business as Unusual

In his keynote at Interaction '09, John Thackara shows the ways in which
business as we know it iss about to change for good, and then identifies how
interaction designers can take these challenges on as design problems.

Watch the video here:

About John Thackara:
John Thackara is Director of Doors of Perception, which was founded in 1993
to create a conference of that name in Amsterdam.

9 Jul 2007 - 8:54am
6 years ago
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Books for localization


My team is looking for materials to help us with upcoming localization projects. We will be localizing (not translating) software and web products designed and developed in the U.S. to other countries, with Japan being the first in our plans. I’ve been doing quite a bit of research online and found a few websites that are mildly useful.

12 Dec 2006 - 12:22pm

people's thoughts on a walled community for designers/developers?

I recently came across an ad for http://mintpages.net/ which presents itself
as "A private community for forward thinking designers and developers to
engage in discussions of design and development related topics."

You need to tell some anonymous person how great you are before they'll let
you in. Anyone a member? Do you have a secret handshake? What are the
initiation rights like? Needless to say..