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31 Aug 2007 - 11:22am
7 years ago
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Charles Zicari

True or False: In a perfect world we'd allcreate html clickable wireframes after the static ones havebeen done

Alternatively, whenever anyone posts a question where the answer is so
clearly "It depends," the original poster has to donate $10 to IxDA.

Charlie Zicari
Manager - Information Architecture
Organic, Inc

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9 Jun 2010 - 6:56pm
4 years ago
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Shraddha Sorte
3 Nov 2005 - 2:02pm
9 years ago
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Vishal Subraman...

Any Ixder's working on physical products in the group?

Most Ixd discussions in this group are related to web/desktop
applications. Wondering if anyone working with design of physical
product is here? Looking to start a general dialogue specifically in
this area.

Any information on groups/ associations specifically in this area would
be greatly appreciated.


31 Jul 2004 - 4:12pm
Andrew Otwell

"Designing Everyday Computational Things", Johan Redström

Hans didn't post the URL for this diss. It's at
http://www.viktoria.se/~johan/thesis/ and is exceptionally good. If
anyone's read Malcolm McCullough's recent "Digital Ground", Redström's
project covers pretty much the same topic, but is written as a series
of design case studies, which I find more interesting reading.

> For example, I have been interested in the work of Redstrom :
> Jonas Redstrom, Designing Everyday Computational Things
> Ph. D. Thesis. Gothenburg Studies in Informatics, No.

18 Jul 2006 - 8:31pm
Jim Ungar

Job Posting: Interaction design opportunity in Knoxville, TN

*Interaction Designer *

- Strong user-centered design skills
- Ability to effectively gather and interpret information from end
users to inform design
- Solid knowledge of common web component behaviors and capabilities
- Ability to produce wire frames and mock-ups in parallel with the
requirements gathering process
- Ability to clearly communicate design specifications to engineers
and design rationale to stakeholders
- Experience in usability testing
- AJAX, CSS knowledge a plus
- Graphic design a plus

This is a full time, permanent position is in the S

5 Apr 2006 - 7:18pm
Steve L Eisman

UX Career Opp with UnitedHealth Group - MA or MN

Ingenix is one of the largest health care information and research companies in
the industry. No one competitor offers the same breadth of products and services
as Ingenix. In fact, our competitors strive to copy what we have done. We offer
the most comprehensive set of data, technology and analytic capabilities. The
power of our products and services help customers leverage information assets,
enhance clinical and financial insight, increase the quality of health care
delivery and administration and improve cost management. It is a part of the
UnitedHealth Group organization.

4 Apr 2006 - 7:02am
Jared M. Spool

Informal Cocktail Hour: Seattle & San Francisco


[Apologies for any duplication]

As Christine Perfetti and I wind our way through the 2006 UIE Roadshow, we
find ourselves this week in Seattle and San Francisco.

7 Aug 2011 - 8:58am

RE: [IxDA] Most efficient tools for a large UX production environment

mocking bird is cool no html generator -----Original Message----- Date: Sunday, August 07, 2011 6:38:55 am To: wramirez1980@gmail.com From: "Neil Simpson" Subject: [IxDA] Most efficient tools for a large UX production environment

I'm currently reviewing best/most efficient tools for a large UX production
environment and would be interested in hearing experiences from other UXers
who have been down this well worn path before.

The ideal solution for me would be one single tool that:


17 Jul 2007 - 9:35am
7 years ago
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Fredrik Matheson

Is the IXDA a well-kept secret? (was: Interesting Article About Usability as a Career in New York Times.)

The article that Harvinder mentioned gives a nice introduction to our
profession for those not in the know.
( "The usability industry helps make new products work"

After reading it I wondered why the Usability Professionals Association
(UPA) was mentioned, but not the IXDA.

2 Nov 2005 - 5:50pm
Nancy Falkenburg

Senior User Interface Designer -- Intuit (Mt. View, California)

Please reply to: nancy_falkenburg at intuit.com

Position title: Senior User Interface Designer
Location: Mountain View, CA

Primary Responsibilities:
- Provide desktop and web application interface designs and/or design
consulting on teams from concept development through delivery.
- Define and design new products in new markets as well as incremental
re-work of current desktop and Internet-based products.