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3 Sep 2010 - 11:17am
4 years ago
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Company-wide UX Event Ideas

We want to hold a company-wide UX event/workshop to inform and educate those around the company (esp. developers, business/product owners, and managers) about the benefits of UX. What is it? Why should we care? What can it do for us? etc.

29 Dec 2010 - 6:06pm
3 years ago
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Is the browsers back button our report card showing an F (most cases)?

To put it simply (and a bit overly simplified), if a user clicks on the browsers back button I think the website navigation has suffered a catastrophic failure (in most cases). Why? Apart from user preference/habit (most cases) the user was forced to end their engagement with the website and engage the browser. Is the browsers back button our report card showing an F (most cases)?

26 Jul 2012 - 5:57pm
Jennifer Bove
5 Jun 2008 - 6:00pm
6 years ago
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Robert Hoekman, Jr.

Forms: One vs Two Email fields

> I have been trying to track down research discussing the use of two vs one
> field for entering an email address on an online form.

I could be wrong about this, but I think the duplicate email field method is
something developers started using to cut down on invalid registrations as a
result of typos. It seems the theory is that by using two fields, the user
has to enter it twice and validation code can be used to make sure they
match, thereby decreasing the chances the entered address is incorrect.

19 Jan 2005 - 12:33am
9 years ago
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Could this be true?

We know that Americans are better designers [1]. But is it also the case
that men are better designers than women?

14 May 2009 - 12:06pm
5 years ago
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Janna DeVylder

Design Challenge: Summer '09 - Mozilla Labs + IxDA + Johnny Holland

IxDA is excited to announce the opening of the Summer '09 Design Challenge,
being conducted in cooperation with Mozilla Labs and Johnny Holland.

19 Jan 2005 - 4:37pm
9 years ago
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John Vaughan - ...

RFID and other fads

> According to Dell's CEO, UXP/IXD/all that stuff are just fads.


And his point is....?

Hint: These are some fads that enjoyed tremendous popularity - not to mention "market share" - during their heyday.

23 May 2008 - 4:25am
6 years ago
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John Gibbard

Contextual FAQs

The daily call for examples goes out .

Examples of good *contextual* FAQs . I've had a look in the usual pattern
libraries but these only have examples of FAQs that exist on their own page,
I'm looking for ones that are contextual to the process you are engaged

Many thanks my good friends!


19 Dec 2007 - 6:19pm
6 years ago
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Job Senior User Design Manager NewYork City Recruiter Fulltime.

I am searching for a Senior User Design Manager in New York City The
company is a global leader
in health care. This is a full time employee position with $150k+ salary
depending on experience. If you would like more information please call me
a 210.200.8523 or email alan at bestica.com. If you know someone that may be
interested please share my contact information.


29 Dec 2009 - 1:25pm
4 years ago
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Jim Griesemer

Pogo-stick navigation


Can anyone point me to research done on the effectiveness or non-effectiveness of the "pogo-stick" model of navigation, that is, navigation that forces users to return to a central page to find all possible choices.

I do have UIE's white paper,Are the Product Lists on Your Site Reducing Sales? which addresses the issues of pogo-stick navigation with regards to online sales. I'm looking for additional research and would appreciate any references of which you might be aware.

Best Regards,
Jim Griesemer