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22 Jul 2013 - 8:13am
Dave Jones


I wanted to share an announcement from Dr. Liza Potts, the new Chair for SIGDOC, the ACM Special Interest Group for the Design of Communication. The board has a strong interest in expending the organization's profile in industry and gaining new membership and new vision.
21 Jul 2013 - 1:08pm
2 years ago
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DePaul University Masters in HCI

Hello everyone!

I am a recent graduate, strongly considering a career switch into HCI. I recently got accepted into the DePaul Masters in HCI program. I am more interested in the practical side of HCI, rather than research and was wondering if anyone comment about whether or not it is worthwhile for someone in my position. Is this program well-respected within the HCI community? How does it compare to other programs?

Any advice would be quite helpful.

Thank you!

20 Jul 2013 - 11:33pm

Costs and financials for HCI courses

Hello All,

I am planning  to apply for an HCI course next fall. Could you please let me know the costs and financials related stuff ( ~ approx)  so that i can get an idea on this?

1. How much it will be for HCI/d ( design ) course at indiana Bloomington.

Any chance of aid or waiver for international students ?

2. HCDE at UW. I found this interesting but want to know more about this.

How much this course costs ?

16 Jul 2013 - 6:01pm
2 years ago
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NYU or General Assembly class/program help

Hello everyone,

I'm a designer/newbie, I've been taking courses here and there and feeling a little fragmented, in many areas but we'll just stick to UX here.
So I'm thinking of entering either the User Experience Certificate program at NYU or the 12 week design course offered at General Assembly. Anyone have any experience with the quality of their curriculum or their instructors? How about job placement program? Any suggestion would help I woud like some input before plopping down the ransom they demand. Or could these classes be duplicated?



16 Jul 2013 - 3:34pm
3 years ago
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"Wrapping" multiple apps within the same App // Multitasking within an App

I am curious if anyone has come across any well executed examples of multiple apps living within the same app. I know this might sound a bit confusing, but basically think of it like an "App Wrapper" that allows multiple apps to live within it. 

Another way to think about it is multi-tasking within an app, not utilizing the native OS functionality. 

I've had a really hard time finding any examples of this, and I figured that I would throw it out there and see if anyone else has...



16 Jul 2013 - 11:39am
sylvia yung

DesignEd Asia Confernce Part of Business of Design Week Hong Kong Call for Abstracts

Appologies for cross posting, this call for Abstracts may be of interest to some of you, esspecially thouse of you who are planning to attend Business of Design Week Hong Kong:

DesignEd Asia
Part of the Business of Design Week Hong Kong

Please see below the details:

16 Jul 2013 - 4:39am

Starting out at School (Interaction Design)


It's been a year since I've completed my bachelor's in Animation. And this usually catch's people off gaurd wondering why someone would want to make such a transition in Interaction Design.

15 Jul 2013 - 4:18pm
Louis Rosenfeld
15 Jul 2013 - 2:19pm
2 years ago
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Opinions sought - is it really worth finishing grad school?

Hello folks,

I'm thinking aloud here, and wanted to hear some other opinions..

I'm an MFA Interaction Design graduate student doing my first internship as a UX designer. One of our clients planted a seed in my head that maybe I shouldn't finish my graduate program and just get into the job market, and that seed has taken root. 

11 Jul 2013 - 8:40am
3 years ago
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Ari Kolbeinsson

Where to find articles (scientific or practical) about Notification system UI design

Where to find articles (scientific or practical) about Notification system UI design

Hi all, I have been lurking on the mail list for a while now, and now I have a question about notification system design.

It seems to me that finding good documentation about the design of notification system UI design is hard. System level articles are easy to find, but the UI seems to get no love. Any pointers? I am looking for documents on everything from small mobile devices to tablets to full desktop systems.