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16 Feb 2010 - 2:54pm
6 years ago
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Best Practices for Medical Workbooks - Online

I have a client in the mental health area.

16 Feb 2010 - 1:33pm
6 years ago
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Marcia Meyerowitz

Great product pages

Does anyone have examples of sites with product pages that they really
like? We're looking at new ways to present product information on our
site. Our pages currently have a lot of data and we're looking for
ways to improve the experience and reduce the clutter.

Examples that we've found include the Vaio laptop pages (dashboard,
large images, etc.), Trekbikes.com (simple, large images), etc.

Any other good examples out there?


16 Feb 2010 - 12:48pm
Mona Valdok

[JOB] User Experience (UX) Designer, Bothell, WA, Fulltime

Corrected title: We are hiring a User Experience Designer.

Vertafore is looking for a seasoned User Experience Designer to join
our talented group. As part of the Vertafore UX team, you can expect
to be involved in all aspects of the process from concept to final
design, including scenarios, sketches, flows, wire frames, final
production-quality mockups, creation of graphical assets, and support
of usability testing. You’ll bring your knowledge of best-in-class web
application design to help set the standard for our next generation of
industry-leading products.

16 Feb 2010 - 9:53am
6 years ago
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Peter Becker

Looking for feedback on a functional banner that is always there and pinned to bottom of the browser - not context driven.

Does anyone have any experience with an "always there" functional
banner that is pinned to the bottom of the browser? An example of
this is at http://www.houselogic.com/

It seems of little use to me as it is redundant to
information/function that is already on the site, takes up real
estate and is more a distraction than anything else. Maybe with some
additional context driven function there might be something there,
but the CEO here liked it so I'm doing my due diligence. I can't
remember seeing anything like it before.

Thanks -

16 Feb 2010 - 9:38am
Chris Avore

[EVENT] Upcoming UX Show and Tell workshops

We're pleased to announce four upcoming UX Show and Tell events in
the US and UK.

We still have room for more folks in all workshops and would love to
see some new faces either bring work to share or simply contribute to
the discussion.

Tuesday February 23
Washington DC at Rock Creek Strategic Marketing

Tuesday February 23
Portland OR at Con-way Freight

15 Feb 2010 - 11:49pm
6 years ago
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Boston IxDA

[EVENT] Practical User Research Interview Techniques

Date: Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time: 6pm socializing.

15 Feb 2010 - 11:27pm
6 years ago
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Boston IxDA

[event] UX Show and Tell at Maark

Time: March 4, 2010 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Location: Maark
Street: 109 State Street, Suite 2
City/Town: Boston
Website or Map: http://tiny.cc/oHI2v
Phone: (617) 723-2122‎
Event Type: workshop
Organized By: Chris Avore

RSVP: http://uxshowandtell.ning.com

Event Description:

UX Show & Tell is a casual workshop that’s all about the work. Show
shortcuts. Ask what to annotate in a wireframe. Draft scenarios and
user stories, and identify one from the other.

15 Feb 2010 - 5:29pm
6 years ago
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Taxonomy for IA?


I wonder if anyone has seen a taxonomy of topics IAs encounter in
their work? For example, internet marketers deal with email
marketing, search marketing, and social media. I'm not having much
luck finding taxonomy for IAs.

Thanks for any ideas.

15 Feb 2010 - 4:54pm
6 years ago
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Gail Swanson

UML for UX?

My organization is moving toward UML for all of its documentation,
from requirements through development and maintenance. The UX
practice here is in it's infancy and I am now a team of one. While
I'm familiar with UML, I'm skeptical that it will be appropriate
for user flows and any other UX documentation.

Has anyone worked in a UML environment? How did you integrate your
practice into RUP or similar methodologies?

15 Feb 2010 - 3:39pm
corey pressman

eBook IxD

Hey all,

We've started a discussion forum dedicated to developing ebook IxD patterns,
practices, and methods. Come start a discussion at http://www.ebookixd.org.

exprima media
the essence of expression

107 SE Washington Street, Suite 430
Portland, Oregon 97214

phone: 503.236.2500
fax: 503.236.3045