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5 Feb 2010 - 2:31pm
Anne Peckskamp

JOB: UX and Content Strategist I SF I Recruiter I Contract-to-Fulltime

This is a Management position for an experienced UI Designer with
experience driving content strategy for a better customer journey in
an online space.

This role will collaborate with lnformation architects, user
interface designers, researchers, the development team, and program

If you're looking to lead a team and the lynch-pin in developing a
buttoned up internal processes, as well as foster the growth within a
talented UX team and uphold the vision for the end product, then we
would love to hear from you.

• Ideally, this candidate has experience with a retail industry an

5 Feb 2010 - 11:36am
6 years ago
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Job: User Experience Designer @ EnerNOC (a green energy services company) Boston.

Hi folks,

we have a User Experience Designer position open here at EnerNOC
located in Boston's financial district.

I have included the job description below.

Should you be interested. Please email me your resume:
mledoux at enernoc.com

Company Overview
EnerNOC is an innovative leader in the clean energy technology space,
utilizing cutting edge J2EE, Flex, Oracle, and Linux technologies. We
are a rapidly growing company in terms of revenues, technology,
employees, and market.

5 Feb 2010 - 11:13am
6 years ago
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data/research distribution templates?

we have data from google analytics, crazy egg, usability tests,
customer comments/feedback, online surveys, empirical evidence, etc.

i'm being asked to come up with a document to distribute research
results, findings, and recommendations. up until this point, my
results and recommendations have been specific to projects and not a
comprehensive snapshot of the "state of [our] web".

my challenge is coming up with the right way to present all of this
information concisely, and i wonder if anyone here has a template or
method that works well and is willing to share?


5 Feb 2010 - 9:50am
Nina Gilmore

Affinity diagrams with remote participants?

Hi Animesh,
I think I was not entirely clear: we want to do a LIVE session with remote participants, rather than an asynchronous remote session.
Ideally, we'd all work on the same diagram, viewing and modifying simultaneously. To discuss, we'd use a conference call.

It's not so straightforward to find a program that will support this live editing/viewing by multiple users.

5 Feb 2010 - 9:28am
6 years ago
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Monopoly board gets redesigned - IxD rationale?

Just stumbled upon this article. Do you think there was some IxD
rationale behind this redesign? Was it even necessary?


5 Feb 2010 - 9:07am
6 years ago
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David H. Péronard

IxD/UX-related contacts in Tokyo?

We are M.Sc. interaction design students at the IT-University in Copenhagen.
As part of our Master Thesis on designing for empowered user experiences in
public spaces, we will be visiting Tokyo for observations and interviews,
and for inspiration for our project, later this month.

We have contacted several companies and reseachers (e.g.

5 Feb 2010 - 8:34am

Designers: Show Your Work Fast, Cross-Browser & Without Flash Using Black Tonic

This is pretty neat. But it's kind of simple. I'm sure they're working on
it...as well are, lol.

I'm using Acrobat Connect for presentations when I'm showing web sites, but
I can see how this would be useful for my wire frame presentations.

5 Feb 2010 - 6:10am
Ewa Liszcz

Little help needed - Tagging

I need a little bit of help. I'm trying to end my master thesis and I
need another sample of data. So if you have 3-4 minutes of spare time
please take a part in my survey which is about tagging.

http://webankieta.pl/ankiety/w1hpvtigitxq (it's in english)

Thank you!

Twitter: www.twitter.com/ndemi

5 Feb 2010 - 2:09am
Jarod Tang

Designers: Show Your Work Fast, Cross-Browser & Without Flash Using Black Tonic


Sent to you by jtang via Google Reader: Designers: Show Your Work Fast,
Cross-Browser & Without Flash Using Black Tonic via ReadWriteWeb by
Marshall Kirkpatrick on 2/3/10

If you're a creative design professional, you'll want to check out a
just-launched service called Black Tonic; it's a remarkably simple,
easy, fast and enjoyable way to share presentations remotely without
Flash or browser plug-ins and while maintaining full control over the
pace of the presentation to clients.

Using only HTML5 and Javascript, the service syncs your browser window
with the browsers of viewers whet

5 Feb 2010 - 1:57am

[EVENT] Reminder: UX Paris - Feb.10th

Just a gentle reminder on next Wednesday event:

UX Paris Meeting : Ogilvy’s David Raichman on Designing the Invisible
When: 8pm – 10pm Wednesday, February 10 2010
Where: Duke Razorfish, 86-90 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Sylvie Daumal