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23 Oct 2009 - 3:21am
USID Foundation


*India’s 4th International conference on UX & Design
Designing Customer Experience for Emerging Markets & Beyond...**


*Pre-Conference Event**
*Call for Papers for USID 2010**

Life, culture, and context of use for end users in the emerging markets are
different to users in markets such as Europe and America. Therefore it is
not necessary that the product which is successful in other parts of the
world will also be successful in the markets of emerging economies.

22 Oct 2009 - 11:11pm
6 years ago
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Need Research based guidelines for IA and Design Framework


Has anyone came across some research based guidelines for IA and
basic design framework?
For one project I need to justify design with the help of some
research. (Design is in the inital phase where we are finalizing
layouts, navigation structure, etc)

Thanks in advance.

~ kishor

22 Oct 2009 - 6:29pm
Beau Gould

[JOB] Sr. Flex UI Developer, NYC | to 130k - Relo Ok

Sr. Flex UI Developer, NYC | to 130k - Relo Ok

This is a full time, on-site, salaried position located in New York City
paying $100,000 to $130,000 + benefits. No telecommuting allowed. US
Citizens, Green Card holders, EAD or CAN only please. Local candidates
preferred; however, candidates interested in relocating considered as well -
relocation expenses provided.

The Senior Flex UI Developer is responsible for creating and maintaining
systems to support consumer-facing Web properties, new technology
initiatives, and internal business applications.

22 Oct 2009 - 3:37pm
6 years ago
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Joe Lanman

New from Mozilla Labs - Raindrop - Web-based communication aggregator


from the site:

Raindrop is a new exploration by the team responsible for Thunderbird to
explore new ways to use open Web technologies to create useful, compelling
messaging experiences.

Raindrop's mission: make it enjoyable to participate in conversations from
people you care about, whether the conversations are in email, on twitter, a
friend's blog or as part of a social networking site.

Raindrop uses a mini web server to fetch your conversations from different
sources (mail, twitter, RSS feeds), intelligent

22 Oct 2009 - 2:37pm
6 years ago
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Rob Tannen

Core77 equivalent for interaction design?

In the industrial design world, http://www.core77.com/ is the 800-lb gorilla of industry news, information and cool stuff. In interaction design, it's obviously the IxDA list, but its not quite the same since it's user-generated content, versus more of a news bureau approach.

22 Oct 2009 - 12:27pm
6 years ago
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Examples for successful online tutorials?


Did you encounter a great online tutorial lately? Did it have good user

I'm looking for good examples. Best practices. Would love to read what you
have to say.


22 Oct 2009 - 12:05pm
6 years ago
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Greg Petroff

Sparkline filtering

Any good examples out there of sparkline filtering? I pitched this
concept to Delta 4 years ago and it did not go anywhere. I had yet to
see it until this morning looking for a new refrigerator on the LG


Anyone else out there see examples of this?

22 Oct 2009 - 4:49am
Itamar Medeiros

[EVENT] dinner + talk "Understanding Design": Shanghai, OCTOBER 22nd, 2009, 7:00PM

The Interaction Design Association (IxDA) would like to invite you for a
chat with Professor Luli Radfahrer:

Professor Luli Radfahrer, the top specialist in Digital Communications in
Brazil, is interviewing distinguished professionals for his upcoming book
"Understanding Design" (his previous series
"design/web/design" are reference titles in Brazil) and he would like to
meet the Interaction Design community in Shanghai for a short talk

"Understanding design" (tentatively titled) intends to be a book for
designers and marketers alike.

22 Oct 2009 - 1:20am
Simon Clatworthy

DeThinking Services, ReThinking Nordic Design Service Design Conference 24-26 November in Oslo

For most of you this is a long haul, and right before Thanksgiving.

21 Oct 2009 - 4:42pm
6 years ago
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Chad Mortensen

The Perpetual Scrolling Web Pages

I've been noticing more and more Ajax powered pages where at the end
of the normal page end a call is made to fetch more content and is
added to the bottom of the page, in essence making the page longer on
the fly. A good example of this is on http://www.haystack.com
Twitter and Facebook do something similar but a button or link is
needed to expand the content.

I can a usability issue with clicking on a link and then having the
back button not return you to the same 'long' page you left from.