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2 Sep 2009 - 9:37am
Elizabeth Peterson

LBi/IconNicholson - Senior ID and Senior IA Needs

LBi/IconNicholson is currently seeking a Senior Interaction Designer
to become part of an energized, multi-disciplinary group. If you love
the interactive space, appreciate a culture where your work is
respected, your opinion counts and you are surrounded by the best and
the brightest read on!

We are looking for several long-term freelancers to join us

2 Sep 2009 - 5:23am
MediaMetrics India

UX Book Club (South India) - Chennai

Hi All,

I am planning to form the team for our UX book club. Lots of things are
happening around in our industry, and Ux is getting its flavoured change
every day.
There are new things tried every minute (even when I am writing this email
and when you are reading this). Lets get together and create a synergy and
keep ourselves updated with every move. We can do lots if we get to gether.

You don't need to be only in and around chennai now a days to be part, there
is a lot of way we can connect.

2 Sep 2009 - 5:11am
6 years ago
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MediaMetrics India

i phone app for frustrated clients - real estate company


I have a project coming along with me for creating an I phone App, that
would be a handling point of clients extreme grievances (it's a real estate
company). There are about 27 categories and another 13 categories inside
the main categories. The clients point is that this has to be easy to be
accessable and the clients should have preferences at any point in time to
choose varieties of options in the same, having a very limited show area in
i phone and also basically the target time of usage of this App is when the
users are frustrated or angry.

2 Sep 2009 - 4:41am
Yohan Creemers

[Event] Design by Fire conference 2009 - Utrecht, NL

Tuesday October 20th 2009, Spoorwegmuseum Utrecht (NL)

For the third year in a row IxDA Nederland and Chi Nederland organize
an international conference on interaction design. The event, by the
name of 'Design by Fire 2009', offers an inspiring stage for
interaction, information, interface and experience designers.

The 2009 program is shaping up nicely.

2 Sep 2009 - 3:08am
6 years ago
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Victor Lombardi

UI Translation Resource

Hi All --

Can anyone recommend an agency or online service to translate user
interface text? It will be translated from English to several other
languages, and capturing the tone of voice is just as important as
conveying accurate meaning and localizing ideas in some cases.

I'm based in New York, but open to work with agencies elsewhere.

Thanks in advance,
Victor Lombardi

2 Sep 2009 - 12:13am
6 years ago
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Leo Ham

Where Industrial Design Meets IxD - Grad Programs


I am a recent CogSci - HCI graduate and I'm looking into Industrial
Design (ID) programs that have close ties with IxD.

Or the other way around...IxD programs that deal beyond digital

I've found the ID program at SCAD close to what I'm looking for.
Their curriculum includes "Methods of Contextual Research"

Any other?


1 Sep 2009 - 6:46pm
6 years ago
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Tori Breitling

[EVENT] IxDA Austin // Tues, Sept 22nd // Work Smart! Better Design Process with Sketching and Dynamic Prototypes with Sketchflow

Product design requires fast and light weight strategies, in order to make
decisions, changes and true innovation. Building prototypes in same medium
as the final product is something other industries have done for years. If
you want to learn how to push your design process with real collaboration,
and live solutions at every phase, then Sketchflow in Expression 3 is THE
tool to explore.

1 Sep 2009 - 5:59pm
6 years ago
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"Way Out" vs "Exit" - Signage usability and passenger experience

Vancouver, Canada recently opened a new subway system called "Canada
Line" (http://www.canadaline.ca). While I notice quite a few issues
in the whole passenger experience, one thing that makes me wonder the
most is the exit sign: instead of printing "Exit", they use "Way
Out". My thoughts:

- "Exit" is almost the international standard word to indicate an
exit route.

1 Sep 2009 - 4:34pm
Caroline Jarrett

[Event] Call for participation: STC Summit, Dallas, 2-5 May 2010

Dear IxDAers,

There's been some recent discussion about how to design online help.

1 Sep 2009 - 2:57pm
6 years ago
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Jennifer Vignone

Preferred Font for a logo and index page

Two of mine (but I have more than two favorites):

Janson because the letterforms are beautiful and the italics are elegant.
I like the way the capital "J" dips on the baseline.
Janson also uses my favorite type of lowercase "a's.

You can do almost anything with Helvetica, and the weights it comes in is amazing.
Helvetica Inserat used to be my absolute favorite for headlines in newspaper ads.
Kern it right and it is absolutely wonderful to look at.

By the way, something that has suffered in design and web design is kerning, I mean real kerning pairs.
Having be