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11 Aug 2009 - 7:25pm
Beau Gould

[JOB] Senior UI Architect/Developer, NYC | 120-150k

Position: Senior UI Architect/Developer
Location: New York City
Relocation: Possible for a superb-match candidate
Duration: Full time/permanent - on-site
Salary: 120-150k (dep on experience)
Visa: US Citizens, EAD or green card only please

Front-office credit risk technology group is initiating original
development of CVA Trader Risk Management System for CVA trading desk
and CVA strategists. Highly motivated, client user interface architect
will take part in the original design and development of the trading
workstation, traders primary tool for viewing and managing risk.

11 Aug 2009 - 1:11pm
7 years ago
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Diane Raffety

Information Architect - New York - 3 Days onsite Immediate

I am looking for an Information Architect for landing pages for some
online marketing efforts. These pages are complex.

This would be for 3 Days onsite in NYC

Rate deponds on experience

11 Aug 2009 - 12:48pm
7 years ago
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Caroline Jarrett

Forms as gates to further information

Jennifer Wolfgang:

<snip - background: downloading papers>
> The process that our stakeholder wants is
> to have a page with, say,
> an executive summary to 'entice'
> people to then click on a link
> that then takes the user to a form page.
> Unfortunately, that link says only, "Read study".

11 Aug 2009 - 12:09pm
7 years ago
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Meredith Noble

How To Host an IxDA Speed Mentorship Night!

IxDA Toronto recently had a very successful event centred around
creating a culture of mentorship in our local community. Since it went
so well, we thought we'd share our experiences with everyone else... so
you can host your own!

The event was based on the model of a speed dating night, except with
the goal of establishing mentoring relationships instead of romantic

The idea was for 15 potential mentees and 15 potential mentors to meet
at a pub, where we'd reserved a private room. We set up 15 small tables
around the outside of the room.

11 Aug 2009 - 12:01pm
7 years ago
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Jonathan Cohen

Visio and InDesign compatibility?

Hi all-

I just started working at a firm that uses Visio as its standard
wireframe tool. I also have InDesign on my machine and would prefer
to use this instead. (personally, omnigraffle fan here, but I'm
required to use Windows)

Searches for related keywords, an IxDA discussion search, and another
30 minutes of playing with several file formats haven't helped. I
can't figure out how to convert a file made in Visio to open with
layers intact in InDesign and vice versa.

Anyone know of a way to make these two apps play nice with each


11 Aug 2009 - 11:13am
7 years ago
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William Hudson

Real-time update examples

I am looking for some interesting (or at least usable) examples of
real-time data update using Ajax.

11 Aug 2009 - 9:01am
7 years ago
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Flowchart: action box or decision box?

I'm doing an exercise to practice the design of task flow. I have one
step which has 5 options in it. And the user is supposed to choose one
and move forward. In this case, shall I use the diamond decision box
or the rectangular action box to illustrate this step? I googled a
little bit. And it seems that the outcome of a diamond box is usually
YES or NO instead of options. Where can I find more complicated
samples for learning purpose? Thanks.

11 Aug 2009 - 8:27am
7 years ago
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Jack L. Moffett

Current Design Topics

I'm preparing my design seminar for the Fall semester, which is a
masters-level course. The last time I taught this specific course was
2005. I assigned readings on the following subjects:

Design Certification
Offshore Outsourcing
Design & Business
Formal Education vs. Self-taught
Design Ethics
Design Leadership
Making a Business Case for Design
Experience Design

Many of these are still relevant four years later, but I want to keep
the discussions contemporary. If you were picking current topics for
students to read, write about, and discuss, what would they be?

11 Aug 2009 - 5:44am
7 years ago
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ian Carr

Dynamic graphics

hi, I am a researcher at the London College of Communication working
on a information design project.

I am have come up with a range of different graphical concepts(
designed in adobe illustrator) but I am struggling to make them
dynamic, animated and interactive. What I am looking for is a tool
which will enable me to update a spreadsheet or data base and it will
manipulate the graphics accordingly.

Can you recommend any software or scripting that might help me, in
fact any suggestion would be good?

Ian Carr

11 Aug 2009 - 3:14am
Atul N Joshi

Reminder: (Mumbai & Pune) UI Design Training Event - Monsoon 2009

Dear friends,
For those of you interested in participating in Design Incubator's UXD
training events in Mumbai / Pune India, here is a gentle reminder of
approaching end dates. The last date to avail 'Early Entry Discounts'
is 21st Aug '09. Please find other necessary information below here.

Design Incubator Research & Development Labs (India) is organizing
three Weekend Training Courses on User Experience Design for IT and
Web Professionals.