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18 Dec 2008 - 5:26am
7 years ago
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Maria De Monte

Calendars integration online

Hello Folks,

have a question for you...

I am actually developing an on line working platform, and a few of the potential users I surveyed has asked for an on line calendar that could interact and integrate local calendars such as that from Outlook, Thunderbird and so on.

I'm pretty sure something that works like this already exists, but we seem like we cannot find any similar application around the web...

Anyone has any suggestion??

Thank you all,



17 Dec 2008 - 7:53pm
7 years ago
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Tori Breitling

EULA checkbox variations

Anybody done any testing, or have anecdotal evidence of the best way to
handle the EULA agreement on sign up?
Here are the options that I see:

1) Generally seen version, with checkbox that can produce errors.

| | I agree to the EULA

< Create My Account >

2) No checkbox, but longer button label.

By clicking the button below, I agree to the EULA.

< I Agree. Create My Account.>

3) No check box, with inferred agreement via prior text.

17 Dec 2008 - 6:11pm
Erik Gibb

JOB: Senior Interaction Designer - San Francisco/Mission District - Kink.com - Full Time

Howdy all,

Kink.com (NSFW) is currently seeking an experienced Senior Interaction Designer for our Marketing Department. I'm the hiring manager - please feel free to ask me questions offline, but follow application instructions at the end of the e-mail if it... tickles your fancy.

The premier producer of adult media is expanding operations. This is a chance to work with a creative group of fun people utilizing the latest and greatest technology to push the envelope.

17 Dec 2008 - 6:02pm
7 years ago
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Donna Maurer

Articles etc on interface structures

Hi guys

I'm writing some workshop material on high-level structures for
interfaces - explaining different high-level patterns that an interface
may use (e.g. linear, two/three panels, canvas plus tools, dashboards etc)

I always like to provide additional reading, but can't find any good
references for this material, except for the Tidwell book. Most pattern
libraries focus on much more granular combinations of components, not
the high-level structure.

Any ideas for articles or references?

17 Dec 2008 - 4:40pm
5 years ago
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R. Groot

Interaction Designers: What is your elevator pitch?

Interaction Designers,

how do you introduce the work you do when you have a social introduction?

Curious regards,

17 Dec 2008 - 4:33pm
7 years ago
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The Uncanny Valley of interfaces

"The fact that you can create web applications that resemble desktop
applications does not imply that you should"
"we must ensure that we design our applications to remain consistent
with the environment in which our software runs.

17 Dec 2008 - 1:01pm
7 years ago
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Amy Marshall

JOB # UI Designer # Seattle, WA # Big Fish - Permanent

Big Fish is currently recruiting several Visual and User Experience
Designers for a dynamic product group with a global presence.

We are seeking designers who have experience in rich concept or product
development environments. This is a highly collaborative group of
individuals with backgrounds in ethnography, visual design, user
research, and interaction design - focused on defining, designing, and
delivering a top user experience for a global wireless platform.

17 Dec 2008 - 12:08pm
jeff noyes

Example ranking or applying weight UI's

> Anyone know of good UI patterns for applying weights, or ranking?
> Netflix comes to mind, but I need a UI that allows disparate items
> to have the same weight

17 Dec 2008 - 11:48am
7 years ago
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Articles and News on User Experience / Usability

Articles and news related to User Experience / Usability available on:


Thank You.

Veena G

Recruiting Coordinator | Bestica Inc

Tel: 210-614-4198| <blocked::http://www.bestica.com/>

E-mail ID: - <blocked::mailto:veena at bestica.com>

16 Dec 2008 - 9:19pm
paul turner

Web resources for cross-browser limitations in design

Hi all,
Can you provide some good design (HTML, Javascript) resources for various web browsers, especially Firefox 3?

Best regards,
Paul Turner
Interaction designer