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2 Jul 2008 - 12:00pm
Robert Hoekman, Jr.


A very insightful post from Joshua Porter, in case you missed it.



2 Jul 2008 - 4:36am
8 years ago
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Angelo Artuso

Any good example of good user experiences design in broadband providers websites?

Hi, I was wondering if you could suggets a list of well designed site for
Broadband providers. The most important thing in such a site should be to
help the visitor to understand between the tons of offers which the most of
the time are explained in a very tecnhical way.

2 Jul 2008 - 4:35am
8 years ago
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John Gibbard

Hotel Websites: Flagship User Experience

Excepting the booking process, does the community have any great
examples of hotel sites that really show-off their accommodation
experience in an innovative and user-efficient way? We're trying to
avoid the tired thumbnail gallery of room images, a shot of the
reception desk and a bulleted list of facilities yadda yadda.

Anything from chic boutique, country resorts, urban bolt-holes and
budget chains gratefully received, on or off-list.


John Gibbard (User Experience Architect)
t. +44 (0)7957 102577 skype. johngibbard

1 Jul 2008 - 7:11pm
Jeffrey D. Gimzek

Online Tutorials - inspiration, best practices, examples

Hi All,

Well, fresh from my overwhelming UX/IX success with conversions at
glassdoor.com (over 50,000 contributions via complicated forms in less
than 3 weeks), I have taken my show on the road...

1 Jul 2008 - 6:53pm
Michael Darius

[Event] San Diego Monthly IxDA F2F

Quint Gallery has a new installation going in highlighting many urban
We will be meeting to discuss persona development in urban & suburban
Please join us for wine & light appetizers.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008
7:00pm - 9:00pm
QUINT Gallery
7739 Drury Lane (Alley entrance between Kline and Silverado)
La Jolla, CA

View Map<http://maps.

1 Jul 2008 - 4:02pm
8 years ago
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Dan Saffer

Hiding and Disabling Menu Items

Joel ("On Software") says,

"A long time ago, it became fashionable, even recommended, to disable
menu items when they could not be used.
Don't do this. Users see the disabled menu item that they want to
click on, and are left entirely without a clue of what they are
supposed to do to get the menu item to work.

Instead, leave the menu item enabled.

1 Jul 2008 - 2:43pm

JOB #Sr. Interaction Designer#Boulder, Colorado area # Recruiter # Full Time

Sr. Interaction Designer - Boulder, Colorado area

Position description

This position will work with product managers and developers to create user
experiences that innovate, are highly usable, enhance user satisfaction and
have significant impact to the business.

Position Responsibilities

. Observe users and conduct interviews, ethnography and task analysis.
. Develop concepts using critical thinking, root cause analysis and solid
UI design skills.
. Develop user scenarios and personas to model user types, actions, goals
and expectations

1 Jul 2008 - 2:34pm

[JOB] iPhone / Location-based applications developer at MIT Mobile Experience Lab


Post-doctoral or Research position - iPhone / Location-based
applications developer at MIT Mobile Experience Lab


Post-doctoral or sponsored research position [Pd.D
The MIT Mobile Experience Lab is looking for an iPhone
Developer with specific skills in Location-based

1 Jul 2008 - 1:24pm
8 years ago
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Petteri Hiisilä

Zoomii: Google Maps -like interaction in a bookstore

I just stumbled upon something pretty impressing:

Zoomii's bookstore uses a Google Maps -like interaction design pattern
to display Amazon's books in an impossibly big bookshelf that can be
zoomed in and out. You can fly to any shelf and pick a book. It works
inside a browser without plugins.

It's made by an individual called Chris Thiessen and funded by his
spouse. It's his "attempt to bring online as much of the real
bookstore experience as possible".

1 Jul 2008 - 12:59pm
Julia Margherita

[Job] Senior Experience Designer - LiveCycle, San Jose, CA, Adobe, Recruiter, Full time


* Generate crisp, innovative, and elegant interaction design solutions for a complex, technical Enterprise product suite.

* Clearly communicate experience design and its rationale, have impeccable judgment, and be able to negotiate with product teams to get the right product built.

* Promote a collaborative, constructive environment for idea exploration and creativity.

* Enthusiastically partner with user research specialists to understand the goals of multiple user types and create designs that uphold their needs.

* Partner with engineers and prod