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12 Jul 2008 - 4:29pm
8 years ago
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When is a hyperlink NOT?

Call me old school. Call me a dinosaur wandering the earth right before the
meteor hit and turned my sorry butt to ash, but I still think a hyperlink
should be a hyperlink. Further, I think a contextual link embedded in
content with a anchored link a proper noun should go to that place. The
Washington Post disagrees.

12 Jul 2008 - 1:55am
8 years ago
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Matthew Zuckman

Social sharing icons

I can't personally speak to any research that shows usage rates of
specific links, but I do believe social links can be very effective.

As more users adopt aspects of the social net into their lives,
"email this item of interest to a friend" becomes less valuable
then "broadcast this item of interest to my network." Adding
sharing links to pages/content can be an effective way of spreading
content, building contextual relevance, and increasing natural search

11 Jul 2008 - 6:49pm
8 years ago
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Angel Anderson

Off Topic: how will rising gas prices affect e-commerce?

A friend is a writer for an LA-based appeal newspaper and he was wondering
what the folks in the Interaction Design community might have to say about
this question: how will rising gas prices affect e-commerce?

11 Jul 2008 - 5:34pm
8 years ago
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AmirBehzad Eslami

Register vs. Sing-Up vs. Join Us

I'm developing a new website for a client. The website, like many
other websites, requires users to SignUp or Reigster in the website
to use many features.

Now I'm wondering how to call lables and urls for the membership area.

Which URL is better for registration/sign-up/adding new user?


I wonder which label is most appropriate.
[ Sign Up Now ], [ Register Now ], [ Join Us ]

We have the same situation about Login/SignIn and Logout/Sign Out.
What do you think?

11 Jul 2008 - 3:53pm
Adam Korman

Confirm password field - Superfluous?

Since your users don't have email, it sounds like the plan is to use
the hint (and response) to directly gain access to the account. So
really you're creating two paths to sign in, and you're asking your
users to come up with two passwords instead of one.

First, consider dropping one of the two sign-in paths (i.e., just have
the main password, don't put any strength requirements on it like
minimum length, etc. OR just have the hint/response to sign in).

11 Jul 2008 - 7:02am

Eye Gaze Patterns while Searching vs. Browsing a Website

Those involved in designing image rich websites would find this
interesting: http://psychology.wichita.edu/surl/usabilitynews/91/eyegaze.asp

Sorry if it was already posted here.


11 Jul 2008 - 6:53am
8 years ago
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Petra Liverani

How do people use applications differently from expected?

I seem to remember that in an earlier post Robert mentioned that users will
not always utililse an application as expected, for example, using a wiki as
a project management tool.

When our company got a Confluence wiki I initially considered creating a
space for a group of users but decided against it because there was no
navigation menu. I later discovered there was a left navigation menu plug-in
and saw other sites using the left nav with a Search above it.

10 Jul 2008 - 8:07pm
8 years ago
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[Event] IxDA-SF Presents: VizFarm: CALL FOR PROPOSALS

Hello friends,

We’re happy to confirm our community-driven, July event, VizFarm! IDEO
has graciously agreed to sponsor and host the event on Tuesday, July
29, starting at 6:30pm. Please RSVP and pass on to others:

We’ve received a number of early submissions, but we’ll need many more
to make it a great event.

10 Jul 2008 - 4:34pm
Ryan Lum

(JOB) Sr UX Designer, Bellevue, WA, Recruiter, Contract

My client is looking for a CONTRACT full time ON SITE Sr. UX Designer to
work on a portal

and widget project here in Bellevue, WA.

Rate $45-$55 Per Hour Doe

Bellevue, WA

****** Local Candidates Only Please! *******

Expected duration for this project is 2 months, with the possibility of
additional follow-on projects and or additional opportunities within the
company. Could be a perfect break from Microsoft or a filler project
while you wait for the next big thing.

10 Jul 2008 - 4:17pm
Will Parker

Looking for research call-to-action buttons

Recently, one of our folks ran across an interesting study by Doug
Schumacher that suggested that CTA buttons in web advertising (e.g.