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16 Apr 2008 - 8:20am
7 years ago
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Adam Connor

Wireframe vs. Prototype

A common point of confusion when I've partnered with other
IAs/Interaction Designers/UX Designers, yadda yadda yadda is what a
wireframe is vs. what a prototype is. Everyone seems to have a slightly
different take on them. Here's how I differentiate:

Wireframes - standalone "illustrations" of screens void of graphic
treatment, with indications of functionality and screen flow.
Prototypes - interactive versions of screens with varying levels of
graphic treatment/fidelity.

16 Apr 2008 - 7:54am
7 years ago
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Measuring User Experience

Hello everyone,

I was wondering which is the best practice to Measure User Experience, based
on 4 key pilars: 1) Branding; 2) Usability ; 3) Content and 4)

What would you recomend for this kind of studies: Survey, Focus group, user
testing, heuristic evaluation.... etc..?

Best regards,


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16 Apr 2008 - 6:11am
Gloria Petron

NYC - Ticket to sold-out GEL Conference available

Dates: April 24-25

This is an awesome conference. I went last year and it changed the way I
At the end of the conference I bought a ticket for someone else who ended up
getting a new job a few weeks ago so now he can't go.
I have until April 14th to transfer the ticket to someone else. We can talk
cost offline, right now I just want to make sure it doesn't go to waste.

Any takers?

16 Apr 2008 - 2:41am
7 years ago
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Bruce Esrig

IxDA NYC (4/29) Interaction08 redux: Sketching and storytelling

The IxDA NYC April event is an Interaction08 redux. We'll discuss sketching
and storytelling as pivotal tools for design.

In his keynote, Bill Buxton convinced us that he views sketching as more
than a design technique. At times, it can be a lifestyle choice. Sketches
are used to explore a design problem: to generate alternatives, to elaborate
upon them, and to winnow them. With this introduction, we'll give some
examples of projects in which sketching has come in handy and invite you to
do so too.

We'll also visit storytelling.

16 Apr 2008 - 2:38am
7 years ago
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Oleg Krupnov

Rapid HTML Wireframing without Dreamweaver

While I feel quite confident with HTML and CSS, it seems to take a bit of
pain to use Dreamweaver for wireframing, perhaps because it tends to force
you into detail too early, when you are still on the "vision" stage of the
process, and feel like a WYSIWYG tool would be more appropriate.

On the other hand, wireframing in the WYSIWYG way entirely without HTML also
feels wrong, because first, the target medium is Web so it's closer to the
reality to think in HTML, and second, HTML is a powerful and expressive
language, and quite a mature one.

16 Apr 2008 - 1:26am
7 years ago
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Joe Leech

Looking for good examples of 3D interfaces

Hi all,

Am looking for some good examples of 3D interactions online, ideally
with relation to navigating around a building.

Anybody seen anything good recently?

Thanks in advance.


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Usability, user experience, IA & accessibility.

16 Apr 2008 - 12:51am
7 years ago
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Kunal Kapoor

Persuasion Strategies


Any key examples of how key persuasion methods and strategies might
influence products, work flows, sites, etc.

I have done a little reading, and most examples talk about hypothetical

On a side note, is iPhone a good product, period, or is there an element of
Persuasion involved to create a hype, and make the product a success.

Do we have any psychologists in this forum, who could give us subtle
examples in terms of Persuasion (psychology) and design, leading to
successful products?



15 Apr 2008 - 11:58pm
7 years ago
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sreeramen ramaswamy

request input on how to future proof a product's UI

Hi Guys,
Given the product development happens in phases and adding more to it based
on success of the product in the market, as well as the funding coming
through, how to make a product's UI future proof, and scalable.

Please provide some examples if possible.


15 Apr 2008 - 8:53pm
7 years ago
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Oleh Kovalchuke

A tool to convert a table into XML file?

I needed to convert a fairly large Excel table into XML file to build a
sortable Spry table in Dreaweaver, and I thought there could be a converter
of sorts in either of the programs. No such luck.

After poking around and doing the usual Google research I couldn't find any
free tools, so I have resigned to doing it manually (a lot of "find and
replace", and "save as").

15 Apr 2008 - 4:49pm
7 years ago
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Kevin Fox

Color gradients that don't carry a qualitative bias?

Hey all,

I'm looking for a color gradient to visually denote a variable but without
the overloading of a 'good/bad' measure to it. Clearly Green->Red or
Green->Yellow->Red has an implied qualitative bias, and I've seen some
people use Blue->Yellow but that has some visibility issues (but is better
for the majority of colorblind users).