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25 Oct 2007 - 9:10am
Serge Kreiker

# JOB #Web Application Interaction Designer# New York , NY#Kapitall# Full Time or Contract

*The Service*

We are designing and building Kapitall, a revolutionary web based financial
information system providing data on equity, news and analytical tools to
online self-directed individual investors in the US all in a more dynamic,
engaging and user friendly way.
Our team is based in NYC.

*The Role*

You will be working with finance professionals and video game designers
in creating a whole new way to manage and interact with financial content.

-Experience software user interaction design
-Excellent verbal and written communication skills
-Multi-tasking skills

25 Oct 2007 - 4:38am
8 years ago
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how and when to estimate time and price for a Goal-Directed project


I'm a MSc student with a focus in UCD, IxD, and usability. I have got
the opportunity to work in a web development project as a freelance.
In summary, they just want something new and better.

We have had one meeting and exchanged a few emails. I have spent some
time "auditing" their actual website and looking at potential
problems and what changes would probably be needed in order for them
to better promote their site, entity and services.

25 Oct 2007 - 2:54am

WebKit HTML5 wrapper for Google Gears

Folks here were wondering about compatibility of client-side data storage
implementations between (Apple) WebKit and (Google) Gears. It turns out be
extremely simple:

WebKit HTML5 wrapper for Google Gears


24 Oct 2007 - 10:36pm
8 years ago
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Popup Folder

I was thinking lately about optimizing my Windows desktop.
It has too many shortcuts in it. I'm trying to group them but mostly
it doesn't work well and they take too much space.

What do you think about possible solution described below?

Rough illustration: http://flickr.com/photos/msoloviev/1738307292/

On your desktop there are several special icons with small marks.

24 Oct 2007 - 7:51pm

JOB: Interaction/Experience Designer - Menlo Park, CA - Slivercast - Full time Startup

Interaction/Experience Designer

Build a new identity regularly. Guide the feel & vision of an entire wave of
new communities. Help create what will be one of the most fundamental new
media companies for the coming years.

We're a brand new startup focused on building a new model for entertainment,
community, and data. We're trying to take on how people entertain themselves
(on and offline) and improve it 100x. Sound ambitious?

24 Oct 2007 - 7:46pm

UX BarCamp: A Night at The Matrix, 11/10-11, Fremont, CA

User Experience BarCamp: A Night at The Matrix

Because of the user experience focus of this BarCamp
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BarCamp> , BayDUX is promoting this event in
the local user experience community. Silicon Valley Web Builder (SVWB
<http://www.svwebbuilder.com/> ) is the primary organizer of this event.
Their description of the event follows below.

24 Oct 2007 - 4:24pm
Eric Manke

JOB: Interaction Designer - A popular online retailer, SF Bay Area, Recruiter, Full Time

Title: Interaction Designer - A popular online retailer
Location: SF Bay Area
Salary: Flexible DOE + 20% bonus

A popular online retailer is searching for an Interaction Designer to
determine how its interactive user interfaces should work and to create
plans for team members for developing the graphical user interface,
content and functionality of its Web site. Reporting to the Senior
Manager of Information Architecture, the Interaction Designer will be
involved in conception, design, specification and creative QA tasks.

24 Oct 2007 - 4:06pm
Eric Manke

JOB: Senior Manager, Interaction Design / User Experience for a leading national retailer, San Francisco Bay Area, Recruiter, Full Time

Title: Senior Manager, Interaction Design / User Experience for a
leading national retailer
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Compensation: low to mid 100's + substantial bonus

A leading national retailer is seeking a Senior Manager of Interaction
Design/User Experience to lead and manage a group of Interaction
Designers in defining and creating the user experience at its online

24 Oct 2007 - 3:50pm
8 years ago
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Dave VanEsselstyn

examples of filtering data based on a series of and/or/not criteria?

If anyone could share good/interesting examples of allowing users to set a
series of boolean logic rules to filter data, I'd be interested in hearing
about them.

I need to assist in the design of something that allows users to filter data
based on about 7-10 of these rules and am concerned that a series of
drop-down menus that long will be cumbersome.


--David VanEsselstyn
--Wireless Generation
--Senior Usability Analyst

24 Oct 2007 - 8:44am

Job- Information Architect - Recruiter- Full Time

Information Architect (NY)

Bestica is searching for zealous design professionals for the following

If by chance these look like a good fit for your skills, please reply with
your resume and work samples.

If this does not fit you at this time, or is in the wrong location, please
feel free to share my contact info with any interested colleagues.