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4 Oct 2007 - 7:41am
Pedro Neves

Connections between improvisation and good Interaction


I'm from and in Lisbon, Portugal (South of Europe), I have noticed IXD last
year, but only decided to do something now.
At this moment I'm spreading the idea of IXD in Portugal, and other
influence countries like Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, and condition partners
as Spain or Italy.

For us the main focus it's to discuss all the aspects of IXD in professional
terms (even when the professionals incorporate the IXD in their activities,
like architecture, or engineering), but also very important to manage the
natural spontaneous way of doing things typical from courtiers where who

3 Oct 2007 - 9:19pm
Steven Keith

IXD :: UXD :: IA :: BA people in the Southeast

Capstrat, an integrated communications agency in Raleigh, NC (Research
Triangle) is looking to scare up talented and thinkerly folks that fall
within the spectrum of interface designers all the way to business analysts
for the Web. I hesitate to use titles in our search. We'd rather suss that
out in a conversation. (oh...okay, we are looking for user experience
designers, information architects, interaction designers, interface
designers, Flash RIA people business analysts.)

Email if you have interest or knowledge of interested people.

3 Oct 2007 - 11:18am
Ryan Lum

Job-Web Savvy Project manager (Contract) (Recruiter) Seattle, WA

My Client is of the Top Echelon in the Nation when it comes Web/Digital Marketing Services and Interaction Design.

Medium sized project to redesign and build a non-eCommerce site. This is a two phased project; the first phase is scheduled to release Nov. 19, 2007 and the second phase is schedule for Feb. 4, 2008.

3 Oct 2007 - 9:31am
8 years ago
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New to IXD, looking for some advice.

Hi list, I just joined a couple of days ago, and I'm really glad I did. I
love the in-depth conversations about all aspects of IXD. I have some
observations and theories I'll be bringing up soon. Anyway, I'll try and
make these questions as quick and concise as possible.

I'm a 28 year old graphic designer with his associates from a community
college in...graphic design. My current job (which I've held for about 5
years now) has been designing print catalog and flyer creation systems in

3 Oct 2007 - 6:27am
Josh Seiden

Announcement: International call for techno talents - 2nd edition 2008

[I am posting this by request. Please see www.domusacademy.com for further

International call for techno talents - 2nd edition 2008
*Are you ready to work in a design oriented environment?

3 Oct 2007 - 2:46am
Beate Fritsch

JOB: Senior User Experience Designer, San Francisco Bay Area, Laszlo Systems

Laszlo Studios is seeking a top level interaction designer with a strong
expertise in visual design to create compelling Rich Internet Applications
based on our OpenLaszlo technology.

Laszlo Studios is the professional services organization for Laszlo Systems
responsible for designing and developing proprietary rich internet
applications for outside clients.

2 Oct 2007 - 10:00pm
8 years ago
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Anyone in Minnesota?

Hi All,
I just relocated to the Twin Cities and was wondering if any of you are
here. I'm looking for a job and am interested in user experience/business
analysis. Please contact me directly if you have any advice or leads!

2 Oct 2007 - 9:52pm
Dante Murphy

Hiring Strategies (was: Potentialinterviewquestions...)

Um, acutally DANTE wrote that. I only care becuase, like I said, I'm recruiting.

But to stay on topic, I can also say that the only companies I've worked for that would not reimburse for education were pure placement agencies...every other one had some sort of professional development program. The problem I often encountered was the "it relates to my job" clause.

2 Oct 2007 - 7:25pm

User Experience BarCamp: A Night at The Matrix

User Experience BarCamp: A Night at The Matrix

Because this BarCamp <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BarCamp> has a user
experience focus, BayDUX is promoting this event to the user experience
community. Silicon Valley Web Builder (SVWB <http://www.svwebbuilder.com/> )
is the primary organizer of this event. Their description of the event
follows below.

2 Oct 2007 - 2:08pm
8 years ago
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White, Jeff

Adobe Thermo

Just learned of this, from what little I know it sounds awesome. Anyone else
have any info on thermo?



"Thermo" is an upcoming Adobe product that makes it easy for designers to
create rich Internet application UIs.