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4 Sep 2007 - 8:20am
Jarod Tang

Good practice, redesign blender

Hi Guys:

Since there's open source, the can be some thing like open design. such as
redesign some open source project :

Blender <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blender_%2528software%2529>:User

> Blender has had a reputation as a program that is difficult to learn.
-- Jarod

IxD for better life style.


4 Sep 2007 - 7:28am
Robert Reimann

SPAM Advisory: Invite from Bryan Busch (bryanjbusch at gmail.com)

For those who aren't aware, Quechup is a spam engine disguised as a
social networking site. It will send invites to your contact list
without permission, which is how this invite was probably sent.

4 Sep 2007 - 6:41am
8 years ago
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Dave Malouf

ADMIN: Invites from Social Networks

Today an invite went out to the IxDA Discussion list inviting people
to a social network on behalf of a subscriber.

I haven't spoken to this subscriber yet, but I am going to assume the
following. They said invite everyone in my Gmail contact list unaware
of the fact that their contact list consists of everyone they have
ever written an email to including discussion lists like this one.

Ok, yes, the person didn't want to do this, but they did and they have
to be responsible for it.

4 Sep 2007 - 3:58am
Bryan J Busch

Invite from Bryan Busch (bryanjbusch at gmail.com)

BryanBusch (bryanjbusch at gmail.com)
has invited you as a friend on Quechup...

4 Sep 2007 - 12:20am
bhakti भक्ति

Column Header

Dear Friends,
Here is a situation I am asking you for help:

Background -
We have a functionality that allows user for a selection amongst
1. Configuration settings
2. Log files
3. Plans
4. Product information

The UI displays this list in one grid will checkbox for each item. and a
button saying 'Collect Files' below the grid.

As per the convention of the product this list should have a header.

Current situation -
We came up with following options
1. Information item
2. Information area
3. Information to be collected

3 Sep 2007 - 7:22pm
Eric Scheid

[ANN] Oz-IA/2007 -- Early Bird registration closes this Friday

Early Bird registrations are closing soon for Oz-IA/2007, a conference on
Information Architecture to be held in Sydney, Australia on the weekend of
September 22nd and 23rd.

The conference is a great time to catch up with colleagues in the industry,
make new connections, and learn new stuff.

3 Sep 2007 - 11:25am
Peter Merholz

Tube Strike Be Damned - London Meetup 4 September

Just a reminder that there's a meetup Tuesday evening. Details:

The John Snow
39 Broadwick St, W1F 9QP
Tuesday, September 4, 2007
from 7:00 PM

Yes, there's a Tube strike, but how often do you get to raise a pint
with me or Steve Portigal? It's worth crawling if you have to!


3 Sep 2007 - 9:52am
8 years ago
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Fredrik Gunne

Examples for data-mining UI


I'm looking for examples or comments that would guide me in the right
direction to solve the following problem (I'm not an experienced UI

We are developing an application used to administer and browse data
around a data-mining system.

At the core of the system are the objects. Examples are Customer,
Product, Vendor, Department, etc. Each such object have different set of
attributes (name, address, price, etc).

The objects are then categorized along different "dimensions".

3 Sep 2007 - 9:51am
Alexander Baxevanis

EVENT: Ben Shneiderman at City University London - The Thrill of Discovery: Information Visualization for High-Dimensional Spaces, Tuesday 18 September 2007 at 11:00AM

For those in the UK

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Panayiotis Zaphiris <pzlists at googlemail.com>
Date: Aug 31, 2007 3:28 PM
Subject: [london_usability] Event: Ben Shneiderman at City University
London - The Thrill of Discovery: Information Visualization for
High-Dimensional Spaces, Tuesday 18 September 2007 at 11:00AM

Ben Shneiderman is visiting the Centre for HCI Design
(http://hcid.soi.city.ac.uk) at City University London and is

3 Sep 2007 - 3:34am
8 years ago
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Racha Tarazi

Stakeholder interview questions

Hi All...
I need a good source which will help me put together targeted Stakeholder
interview questions. Any link site book please share.

Racha Tarazi