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28 Aug 2007 - 12:06pm
6 years ago
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Morten Hjerde

How many designers?

How many designers does it take to change a light bulb?

Morten Hjerde

28 Aug 2007 - 9:51am
9 years ago
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facebook aps

Has anyone here designed an application for facebook?

28 Aug 2007 - 9:45am
Mark Schraad

Wherefore design

When I was on the consulting side of design, we were always looking for a way to put ourselves further up the food chain. We often felt that to many critical decisions were made prior to our involvement. For us, research was the solution, moving us into the picture earlier. It also provided us with all of the tactical benefits of the research.

This kind of feels like what developers were trying to do with agile. When agile became more than a passing curiosity, we realized that the iterations that are core to all agile, were very familiar.

28 Aug 2007 - 9:07am
Dave Malouf

Wherefore design [WAS Prioritizing design in successful, legacy applications]

I'm not a huge agile fan which is why I'll jump in at this point.
But for folks who are interested in learning more about design &
agile, Jeff Patton will be leading a 1/2 day workshop on the the
topic at the IxDA Interaction08 | Savannah conference in Feb 08.

Ok, enough of the plug. Here is why I think this whole issue of
"slow" down is a red herring. The only reason that it is a slow
down is perceptual. For in house teams there is no reason why you
can't have design going off and doing their thing while you are
working on the previous revision.

28 Aug 2007 - 8:02am
Faith Peterson

Wherefore design [WAS Prioritizing design in successful, legacy applications]

Russell thought some of you gentle listfolk might wish to comment on
one/more of these themes from a comment I posted over at his blog reacting
to the question of software design's value, especially if designers slow
down application developers. I'm looking forward to reactions.

1. design and "handy-ness" of software tools

2. design as communication

3. design, speed, and trust


28 Aug 2007 - 12:36am
Nancy Falkenburg

job: Web Developer-Senior User Interface Designer/FTE/Mountain View, California

This is a newly-created position within our central design team:
Email: nancy_falkenburg at intuit.com

JOB LOCATION: Mountain View, CA
JOB TITLE: Senior User Interface Designer/Web Developer


As a member of Intuit's Beta and Concept Testing Team, the Web Developer
will work to create the next generation of web based applications and
prototypes used in testing Intuit's line of products.

27 Aug 2007 - 10:45am
Jim Agutter

"JOB:" Information Designer, SLC, UT, Applied Medical Visualizations, Full-Time

Applied Medical Visualizations located in Salt Lake City, Utah is
looking for a skilled information designer to work on a variety of
projects. We are looking for someone who has experience in designing
data into consumable information. Years of experience are not that
important but forward and creative thinking a must with the ability
to be self directed and motivated. Knowledge of user centered
development methods critical as is an understanding of implementation

26 Aug 2007 - 7:58pm
8 years ago
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Who would you hire?

Hi Folks,

If you were presented with two candidates for an Interaction Design
position (heavy on UI design and graphics), which type of candidate
would you lean towards: one with an Industrial Design Bachelors and a
Masters in Fine Art, or one with an Industrial Design Bachelors and a
Master's in Human Factors?

Assume that each candidate has similar ixdn work experience, and a
portfolio to match.

25 Aug 2007 - 9:45pm
8 years ago
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Prioritizing design in successful, legacy applications

A good friend of mine and product manager at our company asked
if he could post an entry on my new blog. I said "sure", and then he
smiled and said "can I write about anything?" And I said "as long as
it relates to design and isn't R-rated".

So his post came to my email tonight and I posted it.

24 Aug 2007 - 8:19pm
8 years ago
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Robert Hoekman, Jr.

What do you love the most?

I thought we could use some positive energy on the list for a moment, so
let's talk about what we love the most about IxD work. Just for fun. :)

As I mentioned in another thread, I absolutely love patterns. Design
patterns, behavioral patterns, patterns of all kinds. I like discovering
them, talking about them, figuring out how and when to apply them, and on
and on.

I also love thinking about *how things work* (I think this is why I'm an IxD
in the first place).