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31 Aug 2007 - 7:55pm
9 years ago
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Mobile Design Questions


2 Questions:

1. Are there any mobile design patterns available?
2. Are there standard mobile screen resolutions to design for?

Thank you and all help appreciated -


Daniel Szuc
Principal Usability Consultant
Apogee Usability Asia Ltd
'Usability in Asia'

The Usability Kit - http://www.theusabilitykit.com

31 Aug 2007 - 7:46pm
richard_dalton ...

Information Architecture Summit 2008 – Call for Papers

The Information Architecture Summit is the premier gathering place for
those interested in information architecture. The 2008 conference will
be the 9th IA Summit and will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in
Miami, Florida, USA from April 12-14 with pre-conference sessions
from April 10-11.

The 2007 IA Summit attracted over 570 attendees with varying degrees of IA

experience and from many related fields.

31 Aug 2007 - 5:39pm
9 years ago
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throwing out some knowledge to the group...

... particularly in a hungry market.

I was recently put in the position where I was asked to sign something
saying that I was not allowed to go to work for a "competitor" for 6
months after leaving the company.

Lucky for me being in California this is totally non-binding.



16600. Except as provided in this chapter, every contract by which
anyone is restrained from engaging in a lawful profession, trade, or
business of any kind is to that extent void.



31 Aug 2007 - 3:57pm
9 years ago
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Marcus I

User Experience Occupational Description Listing


Does anyone know of a job description listing in the various fields for designers? I am looking for a user experience occupational list, which gives a description of the following:

0. field
1. job title
2. job description
3. number of designers
4. business type
5. location

I have seen the U.S Department of Labor's - Bureau of Labor Statistics' "Occupational Outlook Handbook" but it appears to be out of date.

31 Aug 2007 - 3:09pm
8 years ago
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Marcus I

Job vs. Career


Over my time in 'the field,' I have always felt passionate about user experience design, i.e. the visual, the interactions, the architecture, and the interface. I chased my dream to the valley just in time for the end of the party and see the bubble bust. Not being one to want my own business, I have to proudly say, I have maintained gainful employment during this entire period of time.

31 Aug 2007 - 12:02pm
8 years ago
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Marijke Rijsberman

Fix screen and more than a screen of text: Should Ipaginate vertically or horizontally?

I've tested TV-based services where the left-right paging approach worked
well. This could have been a consequence of the fact that the entire
interface was based on a left-right paradigm. Essentially nothing moved up
or down.

31 Aug 2007 - 11:22am
8 years ago
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Charles Zicari

True or False: In a perfect world we'd allcreate html clickable wireframes after the static ones havebeen done

Alternatively, whenever anyone posts a question where the answer is so
clearly "It depends," the original poster has to donate $10 to IxDA.

Charlie Zicari
Manager - Information Architecture
Organic, Inc

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31 Aug 2007 - 11:21am
Stew Dean

Fix screen and more than a screen of text: Should I paginate vertically or horizontally?


This is one of those 'pattern' issues.

I'm setting out interaction styles for a TV based service and I'm
covering scenarios where there is quite a bit of text (given that
we're also saying 'the less text the better). From a usability point
of view I know I'm goig to say 'don't put text in a scrolling box'
(fine for T+Cs but not for help text or stuff you want folks to read).


The alternatives is you have 'pages' of text which, using the remote
control, you page through. So the text may be 4 pages (that's not much
text but the font size is nice and chunky).

31 Aug 2007 - 1:09am

JOB: Web/Interaction Designer (full-time or contract), Vancouver, Canada

Company: Elastic Path Software
Website: www.elasticpath.com
Position: Web/Interaction Designer
Location: Vancouver, Canada

Available as a freelance web design contract or as a full-time
Front-end UI design role, this is a chance to add flagship projects to
your Web Design portfolio. Your UI design and interface development
work will be in front of the entire world by being the lead UI
designer for a very high profile online store and other internal
initiatives. This is truly a hybrid designer position and your
aesthetics must complement your front-end code.

30 Aug 2007 - 9:11pm
9 years ago
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Dan Saffer

Wanted: VPs of Design

From BusinessWeek:


"Today more companies are welcoming designers to the executive level.
"There's been a big change in the number of VPs of design compared
with just three years ago," says Peter Lawrence, director of the
Boston-based Corporate Design Foundation.