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7 Jun 2007 - 9:04am
9 years ago
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Mark Schraad

design management resources

I am looking to do some research and cataloging of help in the area of design management. Specificity to interaction is great, but not neccesary. Looking for recent works (last 10 years) on process, clients (in house and out), personel and anything else I can find.

I am particularly interested in a similar dialog to what we have here for designers. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


7 Jun 2007 - 8:51am
9 years ago
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Taneem Talukdar

New IxDA Face-To-Face in Waterloo, Ontario *(Ottawa anyone?)*

On the topic of Ontario IxDA group, is there any kind of group currently
active in Ottawa? There appears to be an email address and a name listed
somewhere on the IxDA site but it doesn't seems to have been updated in
maybe 2 years.

Taneem Talukdar (in Ottawa)

On 6/6/07, Helen Killingbeck <4thmedium at gmail.com> wrote:
> 40 People ! That is absolutely fantastic! That puts the big smoke
> (Toronto)
> to shame.

6 Jun 2007 - 10:32pm
Dave VanEsselstyn

research or experience with 5-7 year old children using iPods?

I am looking for either existing research, or first hand experience around
how usable the iPod interface is for 5 to 7 year old children.

I'm particularly interested in how well kids can navigate video playlists on
the video iPod, but any information or work done with kids and iPods would
interest me.

Thank you,

--David VanEsselstyn

6 Jun 2007 - 8:03pm
9 years ago
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Ian Fenn

Movable Type 4 (Beta)


After lurking for some time, here's my first post - and it's a question...

Has anyone seen the new beta of the former blogging tool Movable Type?

6 Jun 2007 - 3:52pm
Felicia Poe

JOB: User Experience Design Manager / Oakland CA / California Digital Library / Full-time

User Experience Design Manager

California Digital Library, University of California

This full-time position is located in Oakland, California

To apply: https://jobs.ucop.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=51724

Close date: June 28, 2007

The California Digital Library (CDL) invites applications for the
position of User Experience Design Manager.

6 Jun 2007 - 3:39pm
9 years ago
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jim muntone

Tips, help for UX guy with shiny new mac.


I'm a long time Windows user who, through the generosity of corporate
America, is getting a brand new MacBook Pro, which I'd actually like to
use as my windows work machine is getting a little long in the tooth so
to speak...

So, I know Windows users have all sorts of rituals around new machines,
preference tweaking, what to install, must haves, etc... I was wondering
what the Mac equivalents are especially in regards to UX and design
work. What's the first thing(s) I should do, etc. Good Web sites?
Freeware? I'm literally starting from scratch so, no tip/advice is too

6 Jun 2007 - 2:12pm
Brook Wyant

JOB: Senior Interaction Designer San Francisco Recruiter Contract

Title: Senior Interaction Designer
Location: San Francisco
Environment: Casual, flex time
Client: Financial
Status: Contractor 3 or 6 months
Rate: $75-90 hourly DOE

An innovative, global financial institution is seeking a Senior
Interaction Designer with experience in Web-application interaction
design, presentation of creative concepts, product development and
usability. There is no graphic design or programming involved in this

This is a unique opportunity to join a small creative group with
enormous influence in shaping one of the most well-used financial
sites globally.

6 Jun 2007 - 1:41pm
9 years ago
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New IxDA Face-To-Face in Waterloo, Ontario

Hey folks, I'm happy to announce the formation of a new F2F in Waterloo,
Ontario, the heart of Canada's "technology triangle". Two months ago, I
joined forces with Navid Sadikali, a UX designer here in town at Agfa, to
host a couple events to test the waters and see who we could entice to show
up. Well, response was terrific. Just over 40 people have participated,
enough to convince us to make a real go of this starting next September.

In the meantime, we're holding one more event before summer hits.

6 Jun 2007 - 11:35am
9 years ago
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Taxonomy Folksonomy ?


I have been trying to find some papers on \"mobile HCI MODELS\". But couldn\'t find anything relevant.Can someone help out there help me? Thanks a lot. Y

6 Jun 2007 - 11:09am
9 years ago
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Forrest Maready

JOB: Anyone know of a Freelance WPF Designer

I'm not sure the correct etiquette for this, so please forgive any

I have a colleague who is looking for a freelance WPF Designer / User
Experience Designer for a medium size project. If you know anyone who
might be interested, please have them contact me at
forrestmaready at gmail.com.