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10 Apr 2007 - 9:27am
9 years ago
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jetBlue kiosk

As an example of what I feel is absolutely *perfect* interaction design,
I'd like to nominate the jetBlue kiosk for self check-in.

10 Apr 2007 - 9:16am
9 years ago
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Chris Bernard

"non-object" (What magazines do we like)

I think this article just points to the shabby state of design journalism in general in the mainstream press. I get much more stimulating insights from this list and the blogs of IxD practitioners and designers than I do from magazines like I.D., Metropolis or the like. Although I'm still a sucker for subscribing to them.

Ironically I had a chance to interview Rob Forbes (founder of Design Within Reach www.dwr.com) a few years ago for an article in I.D.

10 Apr 2007 - 8:16am
9 years ago
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Dave Malouf



In today's wired.com the above article is published which is an
interview with Industrial Designer, Branko Lukic who is heading a new
design studio called Non-Object (www.nonobject.com).

It talks about the "space" between you and the product. I'm reading
this and I have to say, isn't it just "experience design"?

Am I missing something? Is ID that far behind UX that it feels it
needs to create ED from scratch and give it a much cooler name?

10 Apr 2007 - 6:48am
Arleen Buchanan

"JOB" - Senior Web Designer - NYC - Full Time, Permanent - Recruiter: UserEdge Technical Personnel

Our client, a key provider of systems to manage expert networks, is seeking
a Senior Web Designer for their NY Office.

Position Description

We are seeking a Senior Web Designer to help design innovative web-based
applications used by the world's leading business and investment
decision-makers. The successful candidate must be able to work under tight
deadlines and work independently; work on multiple projects at once; manage
individual workload efficiently and effectively; and must have excellent
communication skills.

10 Apr 2007 - 3:54am
AmAn Sagar

When Interfaces kill: what happen to John Denver

I came across this interesting article by Bruce Tognazzini (
http://www.asktog.com/tog.html) while browsing the net. It's title is "When
Interfaces kill: what happen to John Denver"...

Link: http://www.asktog.com/columns/027InterfacesThatKill.html

Below is a snippet from the article....

"Making things worse

*The fuel:* Denver had three ways to ensure he had enough fuel. Evidence
suggests he made use of two of them:


9 Apr 2007 - 10:01pm
9 years ago
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mary keitelman

Calibri for ecommerce website?

(re-post)Does anyone know of any statistics out there of how common it is for users to have the free Microsoft type face, Calibri, downloaded?

9 Apr 2007 - 8:51pm
Arleen Buchanan

"JOB" - Senior Information Architect - NYC - Recruiter: UserEdge Technical Personnel - Full time Permanent Position

UserEdge is pleased to let you know that our client, a key provider of
systems to manage expert networks, is seeking a Senior Information Architect
for their NY Office. There are three positions open for the Information
Architect role at varying levels of seniority. This description is a
base-line and there is certainly room for a more senior candidate.

Position Description

We are looking for a highly organized, proactive Information Architect with
solid experience in IA development, product requirements analysis, UI
documentation, prototyping and testing.