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22 Sep 2006 - 9:17am
Dave Malouf

Mau's Massive Change Exhibit in Chicago


BusinessWeek had an interesting review of Bruce Mau's exhibit called
Massive Change in Chicago currently. The exhibit looks at how design
methodologies are excellent for innovating change to world problems, not
just for making things aesthetically pleasing.

Since someone brought up Chicago recently, I thought I'd post it. Might
make for a good field trip.

22 Sep 2006 - 8:46am
10 years ago
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What to do, what to do....

I hope this is not seen too much as shameless self promotion, but... if
you are like me, finding and keeping up with cool events is a pain, and
finding the right places to put your budget can be annoying. B&A has a
new events calendar that we hope will help solve this problem.


It's free to list, and if you want to be helpful, you can certainly list
events that aren't yours but you think are good for the community.

21 Sep 2006 - 8:20pm
10 years ago
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UX Methodologies 2.0

Dear All,

I have been spending a lot of time thinking and discussing about Web 2.0 in
last several months. So far I have been thinking about applying concepts of
Web 2.0 into a corporate setting, but somewhere at the back of my mind has
being going on the concept that Web 2.0 fundamentally changes how everything
functions in web space, so why not ux methodologies.

Web 2.0 essentially is democratization of web, that means instead of just a
few on the top doing content generation and rest collaborating, everyone
becomes an author, journalist etc..

21 Sep 2006 - 3:18pm
10 years ago
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Gabby Hon

IXDA in Chicago

Hi all,

My name is Gabby Hon and I'm a Senior Interaction Designer at Digitas here
in Chicago. I wanted to see what the interest level was for starting up an
IxDA group in the city.

If the idea strikes your fancy, please email me privately (see From: field
above for address).


21 Sep 2006 - 3:02pm
10 years ago
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Dave Malouf

To Maximize or not to maximize


Found this posting about the relevance of the "Maximize" button as a
single key differentiator between Mac and Windows.

As someone who's been swappin' around a lot, I do have to say that it is
a indeed a big differentiator to me.

What do people think about this.

21 Sep 2006 - 2:46pm
Trent Gilfoil

"JOB" Web Designer, Santa Clara, CA-FileMaker Inc. Full-time

FileMaker, Inc. is the worldwide leader in easy-to-use database software. We
are a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple Computer, Inc., and are headquartered
in Santa Clara, CA.

We are looking for an experienced, creative, and technically sophisticated
web designer and developer with 5-7 years experience in design and
production for a standards compliant website.

You will have a strong understanding of design, web technologies, usability
design, and information architecture.

20 Sep 2006 - 3:41pm
10 years ago
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Book on Good Error Messages

Hi All,

Am looking for a book and/or reading material on writing good error
messages, please suggest if you know of any.

Best Regards
Alok Jain

20 Sep 2006 - 1:18pm
Nasir Barday

NYC IxDA: Season Premiere *Tomorrow* - No RSVP Necessary

Hi Again,

Since this will be our first event of the season, we want to open tomorrow's
IxDA social in NYC to everyone. If you've RSVP'd already, great. You should
have event info in your inbox. If not, no need to RSVP - just swing on by.
Here are the details:

Thursday, September 21st, 6:30pm

Brand Experience Lab
520 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10012

The Brand Experience Lab is located just south of Spring Street on
Broadway, half a block from the Prince Street Subway Station,
conveniently serviced by the N and R subway lines.

20 Sep 2006 - 12:57pm
10 years ago
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Christine Boese

What do IDx people think of the new NYTimes News Reader?

I got this off another news clip service I'm on...

*NYT Finally Creates a Readable Online Newspaper*
Jack Shafer: About six months ago, I canceled my *New York
Times*subscription because I had found the newspaper's redesigned Web
site to be
superior to the print *Times*.

20 Sep 2006 - 11:04am
Kevin Silver1

Translation Help for Basecamp Time Tracking Widget

Hi everyone,

Our shop has created an OS-X Dashboard widget for Basecamp time
tracking. You can check it out at: http://www.clearwired.com/
sundial/. We released the widget into the wild last week and we have
had downloads from 34 different countries. We need help providing
additional localization. Currently the widget ships with an english
and french translation. We already have translation commitments for
portuguese, brazilian portuguese, and dutch.