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13 Jul 2006 - 1:14pm
10 years ago
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on research.

Just want to point out that the thing about research is that you can criticize it, replicate it, and/or improve upon it. This relies, of course, on a basic assumption that everyone involved (researchers and critics) understands what research is. Are there a lot of people out there masquerading as User Researchers who have never taken Research Methods or Statistics? Maybe... I don't know the answer to that, but I sure hope not.

I'm talking about giving basic background, stating a hypothesis, describing your methods of testing it, your results, and your conclusions.

13 Jul 2006 - 10:39am
Bear4295 at aol.com
13 Jul 2006 - 10:32am
10 years ago
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Dan Weese

IxD Advice for Developers

I enjoy reading this list although I don't have much to contribute being a developer.

I have never worked in a shop that had any Interaction Designers. Most of the time we don't even get to do any real design up front. Most of it is Extreme programming, delivering little tidbits as you go, fixing problems later rather than on the front end. We have a brief meeting with the users or decision makers, and are turned loose with a "wish list" and a deadline.

13 Jul 2006 - 9:46am
10 years ago
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Opinions on optimal design team

I have recently been asked by my boss to
describe an "optimal" design team for software
applications (not websites).

Given that many designers can wear different
hats and skills/talents vary wildly across
individuals, I realize that the "optimal
design team" could consist of 2 people or
6 people depending on the above.

With that said, from a skillset perspective,
I have the following:

1. Interaction Designer / IA (yes, I'm grouping them together)
2. Visual Designer (most likely someone with a graphics design
3. Usability expert

13 Jul 2006 - 7:57am
Kyle Pero

REMINDER: PHICHI Meeting, 7/19, 6:30pm, E-Ink Eye Tracking Demo & Happy Hour!


**Apologies to those that have received this announcement more than once**

What: PHICHI July Meeting - Electronic Ink Eye Tracking Demo & Happy Hour!

When: Wednesday, July 19th
6:30pm – 8:30ish

Where: Electronic Ink
One South Broad St.
19th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

*RSVP is NOT Required*

Note: You may need to sign-in with the guard in the lobby, please identify
that you are attending the Electronic Ink event.

Street Map:

12 Jul 2006 - 7:40pm
Jay Morgan

Is there an interactive newspaper (late and technical)

Getting technical:
A newspaper - the paper one - has an editorial board, ombudsman, and staff
writers. This organization matters like a design team structure matters -
it determines the work they do and what they're capable of.
NYTimes and other traditional papers preserve this staff and publish online
with minor adjustments to the traditional format.
Google News is a news source, not a newspaper.
The Kansas paper mentioned before, Lawrence Journal-World at www.ljworld.com,
is a newer example that seems to have a board and writers that are local.

12 Jul 2006 - 4:12pm
Chant, Mary

discuss Digest, Vol 34, Issue 10

This study was helpful to me in similar circumstances:

Hi all,

Do you know some "big" numbers on usability?

I'm looking for generic statements (with references) like these
fictional ones: "50 000 people died over the past decade due to poor
usability in medical equipment" or "90% of fatal aircraft accidents
are caused by inadequate design" or "long-term company success
significantly correlates with

12 Jul 2006 - 1:03pm
10 years ago
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Steve Portigal

Questioning User Research

Christopher Fahey wrote:
>about how
>common sense and individual expertise is too-often neglected in
favor of
>questionable research conclusions.

Thoughtful posts, worth checking out.

I have certainly seen the expectation that research will magically
produce the answers. I think the reliance on video edits (as
persuasive as they are) to support all the main insights is really
challenging, because sometimes the great stuff is never explicitly

12 Jul 2006 - 12:06pm
10 years ago
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Sabine Junginger

Questioning User Research (was Eyetrackingarticle on UXMatters)

Hi Dave,

One of the biggest issues I notice in the application and understanding of user research is the confusion on its quantitative and qualitative usage. There is a persistent perception among designers that they need to produce "numbers for the marketing guys." User research as part of design research tends to be qualitative. It uses methods of observation, immersion, scenarios, and engages participants in activities like card-sorting.

12 Jul 2006 - 11:38am
crispin baynes

Job Posting - Microsoft User Experience Evangelists - multiple US (and global) locations

Hi All,

The User Experience Evangelist (UXE) is a member of the world wide team of
Developer Platform Evangelists (DPE) within a subsidiary or district. The
overall mission of the DPE is to secure platform adoption and revenue growth
through evangelism, community engagement, relationship marketing and a
vibrant solutions ecosystem.

As a UXE, you are Microsoft's representative to the designer community
helping to win the hearts and minds regarding the Microsoft platform.