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21 Jul 2006 - 4:16pm
Daphne Ogle

Job Posting: Interaction Designer, Berkeley CA, University of California, Berkeley

Job Posting at University of California, Berkeley

Posting Title: User Interface Designer
Requisition: 004859
Department: ETS Educational Technology Services
Location: Main Campus-Berkeley

Job Description:

UC Berkeley’s Educational Technology Services (ETS) is looking for an
energetic and teamwork-focused user-interaction designer to work on
our dynamic Learning Systems team to help develop our next generation
of learning and collaboration systems for the UC Berkeley community.


Working under the general direction of the Associate Director –

21 Jul 2006 - 4:06pm
beth koloski

Software for IA Survey

(apologies for cross-posting)

To gather information for the next edition of "Information Architecture
for the World Wide Web," Lou Rosenfeld and Peter Morville have been
surveying the IA community.

The third survey, "Software for IA," is now open. It consists of five
questions, and we estimate it will take five to ten minutes to complete.

This survey closes on August 1, 2006.

21 Jul 2006 - 11:56am
Cindy Lu

Fwd: design by committee??

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Subject: Re: [IxDA Discuss] design by committee??
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The dialog between a designer and a developer/development team is much
easier when
1) you have established a trust between you and your developer
2) you have demonstrate

21 Jul 2006 - 10:28am
Kyle Pero

PHICHI Meeting, 8/18, 6pm, Remote UX Tools - Ethnio & MindCanvas!

**Apologies to those that have received this announcement more than once**

What: PHICHI August Meeting: Remote UX Tools - Ethnio & MindCanvas

Friday, August 18th
Refreshments & Networking: 6-6:30pm – Food and beverages will be provided.
Presentation: 6:30pm – 8ish

Where: TBD Drexel or UPenn campus

Come to this exciting meeting to learn about two of the newest remote tools
available to user experience professionals, Ethnio and MindCanvas!

Nate Bolt, Co-Founder and CEO of Bolt|Peters, will be presenting his company
’s remote usability tool, Ethnio (www.

21 Jul 2006 - 10:01am
10 years ago
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Suresh JV

Right or Left SideBar for a browser based application

Hi All,

Is there a fresh/conclusive evidence about the placement of
secondary/contextual navigation on the right side of the screen? Will it
make a difference? I notice that most of the web 2.0 apps place them on the
right side and Vista/Office 12 is also moving towards the same direction,

I read this report, but I feel it may be dated and users expectation may be
changing or being changed.

21 Jul 2006 - 8:11am
10 years ago
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Bryan J Busch

intra-page links and the (mythical) fold

I'll open with a firm conviction of mine: there is no fold. Web pages
don't fold. Newspapers fold. Common browser window sizes make for
interesting statistics, but I'd never recommend designing for just

20 Jul 2006 - 6:40pm
10 years ago
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Joshua Gross

motivating new learning

Allow me a brief analogy. Imagine if you were driving your car, and
someone pointed out that if you shifted out of first gear, you could
travel much faster than 10 MPH. Sure, before you knew this, you were
driving, and "achieving your goals" (e.g. getting to work), but you
were hardly using the tool (your car) at its most effective level.

Let's forget about power users and keyboard shortcuts - I'm not
interested in GOMS or Fitt's Law level analysis.

My real concern is that software systems often have features that
people don't use, or don't use properly.

20 Jul 2006 - 5:59pm
Nathan Moody

[JOB] IxD Lead (full-time): Fluid, San Francisco, CA [USA]

Fluid, Inc. (http://www.fluid.com/) is looking for a full-time
interaction design lead in the San Francisco Bay Area, with commerce,
retail or other online transactional experience. This role combines
creative leadership, creative direction and conceptual design of the
next generation of online consumer experiences.

We’re looking for those hard-to-describe cross-disciplinary designers
between information architecture, interaction design and visual design.

20 Jul 2006 - 3:44pm

Shorthand for listing user actions from recordings

I posted this to another list and got no bites, so I
thought I would take a shot with the IxDA community!
- Russ


Has anyone developed a "shorthand" or language for specifying user
actions in recordings?

20 Jul 2006 - 12:30pm
Dan Weese

IxDA Designers in Tennessee?

Are there any IA/IX/UX Designers on this list located in Tennessee? Preferably the Nashville area, but not necessary. I wanted to sit down with an actual designer to get face to face insight into this profession. My treat, you pick the restaurant.


Dan Weese
dweese at caelumtechnology.com