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23 Jun 2006 - 1:03am
10 years ago
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thumbs up gesture


I am having an interesting discussion with a client about using a thumbs
up/thumbs down icon in an interface to indicate like/dislike for something.

The web service will mostly be used in the US, but could eventually become
global so he'd like to think globally. He pointed me to an interesting
article about the thumbs up gesture which strongly suggests that we abandon

22 Jun 2006 - 7:06pm
Bella Weinberg

FW: Course Fliers


Bella Hass Weinberg, Professor

St. John's University

Division of Library and Information Science

Library Room 416

8000 Utopia Parkway

Queens, NY 11439


22 Jun 2006 - 6:57pm
10 years ago
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Johan Sjostrand

studies on user rituals on social communitues ?

Such as myspace/facebook etc.

Any interesting reads on this? Thanks!


22 Jun 2006 - 3:19pm
Chant, Mary

How to evangelize

Hello Simon,
I think you would find this book very valuable: "Institutionalization of
Usability, A Step-by-Step Guide".

On 6/21/06, Simon Asselbergs <interaction-designer at lycos.com> wrote:
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> Hi All,
> I am almost upto doing something which is rather unusual, I guess.

22 Jun 2006 - 1:35pm
crispin baynes

golden opportunity, a case and a very unusual proposal


This sounds like a ridiculous plan that could see you lose your job - how
are you going to explain what happened to your next potential employer?
I am sure that a lot of people in this groundbreaking space have to educate
their peers and managers on a daily basis on the value of UX and their
roles. I am also sure that the majority (at least the sane ones) do this by
producing solid work, with tangible results. You have a wonderful community
here where you can draw upon many examples and business cases that can be
used to educate your boss.

22 Jun 2006 - 10:30am
10 years ago
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Paired programming... not two off-topic I hope

The thread on agile (adaptive) methodology inspired me to ask, are any of those adaptive shops out there using paired programmers, and does it work?

I learned only recently (http://menloinstitute.com/) that this is apparently a tenet of extreme programming in the extreme... wherein developers work exclusively in pairs and only one types at a time. It strikes me as brilliant, but too radical for the mainstream, thus my curiosity.

22 Jun 2006 - 10:05am
10 years ago
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Dan Saffer

[iai-members] CMU programs

They haven't discontinued it. Dick Buchanan, who leads the PhD
program, is away for a good portion of this school year, so I'm
guessing they didn't want to accept new PhDs without his being there.


On Jun 22, 2006, at 8:02 AM, Anjali Arora wrote:

> I understand that they have discontinued their PhD in design
> program.

22 Jun 2006 - 8:23am
10 years ago
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Todd Warfel

CMU programs

I'm trying to find some information on Carnegie Mellon's design
programs, but for the life of me, I can't find them on the site. I've
tried using the navigation, but it's leaving me out in the cold.

Anyone know the URL for their information design/interaction design


Todd R.

21 Jun 2006 - 11:37pm
Mark Vanderbeeken

Play Today - an Experientia report on the latest trends in electronic toys and games

Over the last few months, Experientia, the experience design
consultancy, has been exploring the latest trends in electronic toys
and games and gathered the results in a small internal report.

Rather than just keeping it all for ourselves, we decided to upgrade
the report into an external document, which is now publicly available.

Report author Myriel Milicevic (who worked with editors Jan-Christoph
Zoels and Mark Vanderbeeken, both Experientia partners), introduces
the report as follows:

"Technology is not just propelling the adult world, its forces have
also set a driving

21 Jun 2006 - 10:19pm
10 years ago
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Simon Asselbergs

golden opportunity, a case and a very unusual proposal

Hi All,

I am almost upto doing something which is rather unusual, I guess. I want some opinions of the most passionate interaction designers of you. It might be insane, it might be insane but good for our profession. You think you have the almost ideal job, and might to do something crazy, to get it even better. But by doing it, you might lose your job or credits.

The case:

This is my first job and I am their first and only interaction designer, a medium size company (300 employees). They never made a job offering for interaction design.