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3 May 2006 - 3:18pm
10 years ago
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B&A Online Summit Redux - this week Kevin Cheng


This is short notice, but we've just added Kevin Cheng (of OK-Cancel fame)
to the online IA Summit redux (presented by Boxes and Arrows and nForm User

Kevin will be presenting "Communicating Concepts through Comics" this
Thursday, May 4 at 1:30 pm ET (10:30 am PT).

You can sign up by emailing *redux at nform.ca* with the session/date you want
to attend.

3 May 2006 - 8:42am

Job: Human Factors Analysts - IL

Dear All,

Satyam Computer Services Ltd.

3 May 2006 - 7:49am
10 years ago
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Tom Erickson

At CHI? Why? Or why not? -> Summary, etc.

A bit over a week ago I asked the list their opinions about the new
CHI program.

3 May 2006 - 7:42am
Sean Lawrence

RFP templates

I was wondering if anyone on list has standard RFP templates they'd be
willing to share or know of any resources that would be useful in
assisting in the construction of an RFP document.

Thank you,


3 May 2006 - 3:00am
John Grøtting

Senior Information Architect in Los Angeles and Hamburg

We are looking to grow our offices in Los Angeles and Hamburg and for
that we would like to find very experienced Information Architects to
work freelance with the opportunity to going full-time. Not only is
it important to have good IA design skills, but also experience with
User Research and Usability Testing. The ideal candidate will have
experience working with senior level clients.

For those of you not familiar with G+S, we are a young online agency,
but with very seasoned management and experience leading large
projects for important brands.

2 May 2006 - 7:22pm
Wendy Fischer

Pixel Artist - San Francisco

AirPlay, a pioneer in the creation of mobile interactive applications synchronized with live televised events is seeking Pixel Artist to join its product team. AirPlay is a growing technology start-up backed by Redpoint Ventures and Qualcomm. As a pixel artist at AirPlay, you will be responsible for creating the visual design and artwork for AirPlay’s mobile games.
This is an exciting opportunity to work with experienced industry leaders and learn about mobile interface design and game design.

2 May 2006 - 3:49pm
10 years ago
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Javier Cabrera

Presentation and Web Application "Alpha" invitation


I'm Javier Cabrera, owner and web designer of Emaginacion, a small
agency located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I'm reading this list for a while, but you guys reply so fast that
some times I don't get enough time to answer someone's question! ;)

I'm about to launch the Alpha of a new Web App me and some of the
folks on Emaginacion are working on.

2 May 2006 - 12:34pm
10 years ago
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Jennifer Hoppenrath

NASA "Orange Peel" Display

Hi All,

I'm working on a DARPA government project and I need to find an illustration of the NASA "Orange Peel" Heads Up display. I've Googled and can't find it. It's supposed to be the cutting edge method for communicating situational awareness with regards to aircraft orientation.

Anybody have any information on this?

Jennifer Hoppenrath

New Yahoo! Messenger with Voice. Call regular phones from your PC and save big.

2 May 2006 - 11:59am
Peter Merholz

[PLUG] Adaptive Path Workshop, May 17-18, Chicago


There are still seats available for Adaptive Path's newest workshop,
"Beyond Usability 2.0: The Four Cornerstones of Successful Digital
Product Design," May 17-18 in Chicago, IL.


You can get a 15% discount by using the promotional code FOPM.

This workshop is has the "2.0" moniker because it's markedly
different from our past "Beyond Usability" workshops.

2 May 2006 - 7:24am
Joshua Gross

DEADLINE EXTENDED - May 8 - Workshop "On The Process of Game Design"


Apologies for cross-posting.

We've received several really great responses (on time, even!) to our
CFP, but we've also had enough requests for extensions that we felt it
only fair to make a blanket offer. The new deadline is Monday, May _8_.