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25 Mar 2006 - 12:42pm
Noreen Whysel

IAI Annual Report for 2004-2005 is now available

The IAI Annual Report for 2004-2005 is now available on the iainstitute.org
website. An excerpt:

"This, our third eventful year, was marked by significantly increased
visibility in the community and a more focused range of initiatives and
services. Between 1 September 2004 and 31 August 2005 our membership grew
51%; as of 31 August 2005, the Institute had 845 members from over 55
countries. Our cash flow is positive, our volunteer rate is up, and our
administrative activities have been streamlined.

25 Mar 2006 - 2:09am
Dave Malouf

Sunday night @ the IA Summit: When IxD meets IA a night at Relish Sunday the 26th

Whether you are attending the Summit or in and around Vancouver, join us for
IxDA night out at Relish (corner of Nelson and Hornby St.), 7:30 on Sunday.
Hot debates about design and chilling out with nice folks are on the menu.
Put a face to a name you know from the IxD Discuss list.

Drop us a note, if you plan to come iasummit06 at ixda.org, or simply turn up
as a last minute decision.

For directions, see http://www.relishtherestaura

24 Mar 2006 - 7:17pm
10 years ago
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Jeff English

request: digital voice recorder recommendations

I'm doing customer interviews and need recommendations for a digital voice
recorder. Clarity of the recorded conversation is key. Also looking for tips
on converting recorded interviews into text files.
Jeff English

24 Mar 2006 - 4:01pm
10 years ago
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CD Evans

Event: Local IA Summit Breakout

Hello IAs!

Hope you can make it to the Local IA Summit Breakout during the
conference in Vancouver.

Here's the Evite link to confirm you'll be coming:

It's an informal on sunday evening, of food and/or drinks, where Local
IAs will bring work for discussion.

24 Mar 2006 - 3:44pm
Joshua Gross

[cfp] DIS2006 Game Design Workshop

2006 DIS (Designing Interactive Systems) Workshop

On the Process of Game Design

25 June 2006

Call for Participation

The game design process is largely driven by practice; while some work
has been done to address theoretical foundations for game design, this
work has been done only in academia. These two communities rarely come
together to discuss their perspectives on design theories or processes.
As a result, both communities work in isolation.

24 Mar 2006 - 3:18pm
10 years ago
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Jeremy Wood

Uncontrollable Errors

I have a question... I wonder if any research has been put into this

Suppose we have a software application that interacts with a scanner, a
camera, FTP server, etc. Some external agent beyond our control.
Now suppose there's a problem, such as:
1. Their scanner is broken
2. Their FTP server is down
3. Their proxy server is failing
4. Their camera is not turned on
... etc.

The user then contacts us, and after several emails/calls we eventually
get an idea what the real problem is. It turns out it's completely
beyond our realm of control.

24 Mar 2006 - 2:41pm
Michael Stiso

usability of the Rules Wizard

Hi, there. Does anyone know of any research done on the usability and
comprehensibility of the Rules Wizard in MS Outlook? I'm wondering how
much difficulty novices generally have wrapping their minds around the
Wizard's style of rule construction.

Thanks for any help,

24 Mar 2006 - 11:34am
10 years ago
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Dave Malouf

IxD Symposium @ the IA Summit in Vancouver - Pictures

Here are my pictures from the IxD Symposium @ the IA Summit sponsored by


If you have your own picts from the IxD Symposium, post them on Flickr w/
tag IxDSymp and IASummit06

I know others took pictures and I can't wait to see them as some of mine
didn't come out as well as the others.

Also, as a reminder, people at the summit and/or just live in the Vancouver
area who want to join us for dinner on Sunday night, shoot an e-mail to

24 Mar 2006 - 9:59am
10 years ago
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John Vaughan - ...

Human Factors and Interaction Design : ME 2

The UXP Professional Profile = ME 2

> Glad to see another Human Factors professional on the list.
> How many others of you on here have Human Factors / Ergonomics
> backgrounds?
...> Me too.....
...> Me, me!

My "intuitive" feel (sorry, I'm in recursion mode) is that - almost by
definition - we tend to be professional polymorph "slash" types.

Labeling & branding remains a huge open issue for our shared interest area:
How many of the jobs out there that are aimed at us are still titled simply
"Information Architect"?

24 Mar 2006 - 8:59am
Alan Hochman

[JOB] User experience, interaction, interface position for online community

NYC based company looking for a user experience, user
interaction, user interface designer to create
easy-to-use rich media interfaces for an online
commerce community application.

Responsibilities, Skills and Qualities:
o Experience with Web 2.0 capabilities & online
o Strong wireframing and layout skills, task flow
analysis and creation, web Interaction models
o Working, hands on knowledge of Flash, CSS, DHTML &
Javascript (Adobe Flex exp.