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27 Jan 2006 - 10:09pm
Beau Gould

Contract UI Designer, Irvine, CA

Contract UI Designer, Irvine, CA

My client is looking for a creative and talented UI Designer to spearhead the user interface design process and deliverables for innovative product line.

Responsibilities will include:
- Define the user model and user interface for new and existing products and features.
- Developing high level storyboards, mockups and prototypes to effectively communicate design interaction and concepts.
- Measuring the usability of new and existing products, and making market-driven constructive recommendations for enhancement.

27 Jan 2006 - 8:31pm
Dan Saffer

Cool Intel IxD Job: Portland, Oregon

[I have nothing to do with this. Just the messenger. Read below on
how to apply.]


Although Intel might not seem the most obvious place to practice
interaction design since they have classically provided the technology
ingredients rather then the end customer experience, it is thirsty for
design knowledge now.

27 Jan 2006 - 2:58pm
Ashley LaFrenais

February IxDA NYC Event: Marc Rettig Presents "Interaction Design is Language Design"

Don't miss this special IxDA NYC Monthly Gathering on February 14!
Come share your passion for interaction design!

Marc Rettig Presents “Interaction Design is Language Design”

In this seminar Marc Rettig will explore the idea that when people
use an interface, they are engaging in an act of language use.
Designing an interface, therefore, amounts to designing a new
language. Designers associate symbols with meanings. They create ways
for people to use symbols in sequence to express complicated
meanings. But what meanings? What symbols? What sequences?

26 Jan 2006 - 10:06pm
Dave Malouf

Does IxD fall under the rubric of "IntelligentDesign"?

> Subject: [IxDA Discuss] Does IxD fall under the rubric of
> "IntelligentDesign"?

John, you are just way too funny.

-- dave

26 Jan 2006 - 9:47pm
John Vaughan - ...
26 Jan 2006 - 5:05pm
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Oleh Kovalchuke

Interaction design part of the story (Do UX designers suffer from perfectionism?)

> I am just wondering if any of you have ever been accused of suffering
> from perfectionism when you're designing and working on projects.
> Somebody just told me that many usability folks suffer from
> perfectionism and it's their biggest downfall.

I bet that Somebody comes from the business side. Perhaps trickled via
techs but still originating in business.

26 Jan 2006 - 2:33pm
Johan Sjostrand

selecting and copying/pasting text online

Are there any studies on this?

Let me try and explain:

I'm sure researchers and other types of users go online to find resource
material. They find something they want to use and they copy the text
from a web page into word or any other program they might use.

26 Jan 2006 - 1:38pm
Dave Malouf

Franklin Institute looking for HCI Nominations

I almost never forward stuff like this to the list, but I felt that for the
Franklin Institute to be taking the time out to focus on HCI this year, is
definitely worth our attention as an event in and of itself and then by
helping it by participating in that process if you want/can.

For those not familiar.

25 Jan 2006 - 10:19pm
Beau Gould

Freelance IA, Long Beach, CA | 40-80/hour

Freelance IA, Long Beach, CA | 40-80/hour

Duration: 2-3 months

My client is a strategic marketing communications firm located in Long Beach, California that utilizes both offline and online design in a creative approach to brand building for our clients. The company has been in business for over 30 years and is growing all the time.

They are looking for an experienced Information Architect for ongoing projects. The IA will work with Strategy, Creative and Engineering teams to identify and define project scope & requirements.

25 Jan 2006 - 5:06pm
10 years ago
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DHTML vs. Flash/Actionscript

I've been using Flash/Actionscript for rapid prototyping
of various new features/functionality in our products.
It has been successful and I'm happy with the flexibility
and power that Flash/Actionscript offers.

I just saw a demonstration of a pretty slick prototype in
DHTML, including numerous interface widgets and interactivity.

Are there any strong opinions as to the superiority of one
over the other? Is it just a matter of one tool versus another
and personal choice?

Just curious...

Russell Wilson | Director of Product Design | NetQoS, Inc. |