Discussion Archive: November 2005

16 Nov 2005 - 9:30pm
Wendy Fischer

AJAX for WAP initiative?

Is anybody aware of any initiative around AJAX for WAP
or WAP 3.0 intiative?

With today's announcement of AJAX for Opera Platform,
it seems logical to me that AJAX for WAP is the next
logical step. Are there any initiatives around this?

-Wendy Fischer

16 Nov 2005 - 4:54pm
Wendy Fischer

Mobile interaction designers - contractors

I am looking for some mobile interaction designers
with 3+ years of experience for some consulting
opportunities. In order to be considered for this
opportunity, you absolutely have to have mobile
experience and designing user experiences.

If you are interested, please send me a resume, rates
and a link to a portfolio at
wendy.fischer at motricity.com.

-Wendy Fischer

16 Nov 2005 - 10:00am
Máirín Duffy

JOB: UI Designer (Red Hat, Inc.) in Raleigh, NC

Red Hat, Inc. has an opening for a UI designer:

UI Designer (Job ID: 709)

Division: Red Hat
Location: Raleigh, NC US
Travel Involved: Not Specified
Job Type: Full Time
Job Level: 2+ years experience
Education: Bachelors Degree or Equivalent

Position Summary

Red Hat is seeking a UI Designer to help drive a world class web user
experience for our customers and partners. You will be responsible for
the look-and-feel, information flow, and visual design of our customer
and partner portals, including related areas such as the web store and
product marketing web pages.

16 Nov 2005 - 6:30am
10 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Productive-interface engineering


I came across this site from http://interaction-design.org/ and it meantions
in passing this "innovative" idea called "Pi Engineering" or
Productive-Interface Engineering.

Unlike most designer sites that give away some aspect of what the heck their
process means, this site doesn't say a word about it except to say that we
should concentrate less on testing and more on designing, and there is some
reference to building out the architect

16 Nov 2005 - 2:53am
panu.korhonen a...

Job: Interaction Designer, Nokia, Finland

Please reply to: panu.korhonen at nokia.com
Job Location: Helsinki, Finland
Job Type: Full Time

Interaction Designer

Advanced design group of Nokia Design is looking for a creative
interaction designer to join the Helsinki studio. Interaction designer
is responsible for the behavioral aspects of the product: how does the
product behave in time. With interaction, the product is fulfilling the
users needs and desires in form that is understandable and efficient.

15 Nov 2005 - 11:40pm
10 years ago
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CD Evans

Vancouver Frenchies Meet-up!

Hi there from BC!

With all this talk about informals and such I'm thinking the vancouver
interaction designers should finally get together.

What better a way to celebrate the marvels of Interaction Design than
with heaps of gooey french fries and smoked meat?

15 Nov 2005 - 6:05pm
10 years ago
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Jeff Howard

Pagination vs Sortation

I'm working out the relationship between pagination and sortation and wanted to get some
feedback. Pagination has traditionally been a web paradigm, while soration has been more of
a desktop convention. As the distinction between the functionality of web apps and desktop
apps breaks down, it's possible to see both in one place. That creates some friction.

Say you're on the 2nd page of a paginated set of tabular results. Say, Books by Author. You
see Daniel Boorstin's books and decide to sort that page by publication date to see his works
in order.

15 Nov 2005 - 2:42pm

Nov. NYC IA Meetup Tomorrow (11/16)

It's time again for our monthly NYC IA Meetup. If you're in the New
York City area and want to meet with other Information Architects and
people in related fields, stop by the Vig Bar in SoHo (at Elizabeth
and Spring), tomorrow (11/16) evening, starting at 7pm.

Details about the NYC IA Meetup and this event can be found at:

Looking forward to another great Meetup!

- Anders
NYC IA Meetup Organizer

15 Nov 2005 - 12:54pm
10 years ago
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interaction documentation

Does anyone know of any good resources that provide templates for
interaction documentation (particularly web)?
-Joe Davidchik

15 Nov 2005 - 12:03pm
wiley bowen

JOB: Information Architect at AKQA New York

Please reply to: nyjobs at akqa.com

Job Location: New York, NY

Job Type: Full Time

Information Architect

AKQA is a global digital communications agency. Over the past decade
we've produced some of the most genuine, relevant and engaging digital
media experiences for the world's top brands.