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30 Nov 2005 - 2:13pm
frog design rec...

JOB: Senior Technical Analyst - Frog Design - SF

If you're smart-working, hard-playing and dedicated, we'll free you to
do the best work of your career.

Frog is a global design firm that specializes in the convergent
disciplines of brand strategy, product design, digital and interactive
media, technology, software development, and new mobility.

A Senior Technical Analyst is a technical leader on software projects
for web, desktop, mobile and embedded platforms. The Senior Technical
Analyst position is a consulting role requiring high levels of client
interaction and excellent communication skills.

30 Nov 2005 - 12:08pm
10 years ago
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Ockler, Sarah

Stats on internet users with email access

Does anyone have stats on what percentage of people who use the Internet
in general (whether at home, school, library, etc.) also have email?
Currently the registration for our health plan member Web site requires
email address and we're getting some push back from our sales folks who
say that not all members have email.

30 Nov 2005 - 9:49am
10 years ago
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idea for site

I was thinking a good addition to the ixda site would be a listing of
resources for doing user research, specific to the various
representative cities. Focus groups, usability testing facilities,
3rd party moderators, etc. might even be able to generate some
revenue from these...

just a thought.


30 Nov 2005 - 1:52am
CD Evans

Vancouver Last Minute Reminder

> Here's the skinny:
> 'Last Wednesdays' Interaction Chatter
> This Month @ The Whip
> 8PM on NOV 30 at 209 E 6TH
> See you this wednesday, for food, wine, beer, cheer and
> like-mindedness!
> CD Evans

29 Nov 2005 - 11:54pm
10 years ago
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Ryan Nichols

SPAM-LOW: Romantic notions of UCD rant

Wow, sounds like you've had a some bad experiences lately! Never fear,
those kinds of clients are behind the pack, and will slowly lose out in
their industries.Or maybe those people weren't clients...

In any case, don't lose that romantic notion! :)

Ryan Nichols
Apples To Oranges

Wendy Fischer wrote:

>[Please voluntarily trim replies to include only relevant quoted material.]
>Odd, I had this romantic notion of UCD.

29 Nov 2005 - 10:56pm
10 years ago
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Wendy Fischer

Romantic notions of UCD rant

Odd, I had this romantic notion of UCD. One
researches users and then designs a specific user
experience that is created and crafted for the
specific set of users.

29 Nov 2005 - 7:53am
Tommy Eskelinen

Contextual instructional content vs. separate"user guides"

Hey all,
I've been with an Internet Banking site a few years back, where we
implemented a help system where each page is based on "expert mode" and
"novice mode", where Expert mode is the shortest possible form and Novice
mode has explanatory text accompanying each field.

29 Nov 2005 - 6:13am
Donna Maurer

Web patterns & web semantics

Apologies for cross posting, but I thought this may be of interest to a
bunch of you.

John Allsop (a very smart Australian web standards dude) has written
an article about web semantics and web patterns, and proposed a
project, website etc to develop a semantically rich set of website
design patterns:


I think it has interesting potential if a bunch of good brains get in on


Donna Maurer
Maadmob Interaction Design


28 Nov 2005 - 10:05pm
10 years ago
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Contextual instructional content vs. separate "userguides"

The examples of (once-only) intro panels that I previously referred to in
salesforce.com appear to have been replaced by two links, "Tell Me More!"
and "Take the Tutorial."

www.jackBellis.com, www.usabilityinstitute.com

28 Nov 2005 - 1:59pm
Peter Merholz

Reminder: User Interfaces for Physical Spaces, December 12

IxDA Folk--

The IA Institute is helping produce an event called "User Interfaces
for Physical Spaces." It's a one day workshop that walks through how
MAYA Design developed a system for redesign the Carnegie Libraries of
Pittsburgh, grappling with issues of information architecture across
real and virtual spaces.

First up, let me draw your attention to the remarkable case study
that MAYA produced in anticipation of the event: