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2 Mar 2005 - 1:03pm
Julian_Orr at p...

Unsubscribe Help


I am trying to unsubscribe an expired peoplesoft email address from the list. It will most likely will not work automatically using this email as the originating address is now julian.orr at oracle.com.

I have tried to do it via the link, but am not receiving the confirmation. I have already signed up using a different address.

2 Mar 2005 - 12:20pm
leo.frishberg a...

Internship / Contract possibilities, Portland (Beaverton) OR

I am looking to fill two short term opportunities within my product line at
Tektronix. Interested Portlanders, please send directly to me. Thanks!

Intern Opportunity

The Advanced Development Group (ADG) of the Logic Analyzer Product Line
(LAPL) is in the process of completing a year long contextual inquiry.
Contained within the volumes of data are dozens of hours of videotape. We
are looking for a student willing and able to analyze the video segments,
archive appropriate snippets, and assist with building time correlated
graphs of the observations.

2 Mar 2005 - 8:55am
Matthew Milan

IA Summit- Canadian IA/UX/IxD Breakfast F2F - Saturday March 5th

Apologies in advance for the cross-post.

We're planning an informal breakfast meetup/F2F for Canadian UX/IA/IxD
people on Saturday morning (March 5th) during the IA Summit in
Montreal. This will be a great opportunity to meet fellow
practitioners from across Canada and get some breakfast at the same

The plan is to meet in the lobby of the Queen Elizabeth at 7:00am on
Saturday morning and head over to St.

2 Mar 2005 - 7:39am
11 years ago
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A question of depth

I had a very interesting conversation with a customer who insisted that
their [very well documented] 'business process' was wholly separate from any
human or system interaction. On further investigation I found notable
evidence of human involvement.

This is a common 'traditional' attitude in the manufacturing and automotive
sectors as their is an historically, well defined supply chain. IT plays a
fundamental role in that supply chain and tends to rely heavily on a
pre-defined business process i.e. well established mainframe applications,
that are undergoing change to increase productivity.

1 Mar 2005 - 6:15pm
leo.frishberg a...

Selecting elements in a table...

Here's an IxD problem I've grappled with for years and haven't had a
satisfactory resolution. I expect that many of us have opinions, perhaps
some have references, and maybe even some studies.

In many use cases / design patterns, the proverbial "table" (matrix, grid)
is an excellent widget to both display the results of data and provide an
input mechanism.

1 Mar 2005 - 6:00pm
Amy Mew

Information Architect, Avenue A/Razorfish Los Angeles

Company: Avenue A | Razorfish
URL: http://www.avenuea-razorfish.com
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Position Title: Information Architect
Duration: Fulltime

Job Description:
Avenue A | Razorfish has an immediate fulltime opening for a
Information Architect in our Los Angeles office. Information
Architects will be responsible for developing and documenting the
structure of a product. They will define and describe the information
relationships and navigation models at the product, screen, and module

1 Mar 2005 - 11:20am
Dave Malouf

Update: IxDG @ IA Summit Sun. 3/6 @ 7p - Montreal, Canada

If you are attending the IA Summit or just living in or near Montreal,
Canada and are interested in meeting others who do and are involved in IxD,
we have built an amazing dinner event for the evening of March 6th.
(People will be responsible for the costs of their own meals and drinks.)

Conference attendees should meet in the lobby of the Fairmont Queen E at
6:45p. We'll be going to the restaurant from there.

It is important that people RSVP to me, dave (at) ixdg (dot) org as we will
be updating a reservation for our selected restaurant.