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25 Jan 2005 - 1:28am
Sharad Solanki

Attn: Pune, India ID group members

Dear all,

This is an invitation for ID members who are interested in getting together here in Pune, India. We are trying to create a local platform to share and discuss experiences in interaction design.

Time and venue can be decided as per convenience of the members.

25 Jan 2005 - 12:20am
Soo Basu

Site personas and more

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My team is working on a set of Personas for a certain Consumer Segment.
Our users will be a group of researchers/scientists.
The problem here is that there isn't any specific application/website that
the personas would be used for; and they should also be valid for the next
five years, if not more.

Is there anyway to figure out the granularity of data here?

24 Jan 2005 - 3:47pm
11 years ago
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Ben Hunt

the big persona > site personas and the dialogue process

To me, the single biggest risk is surely: restricting your choices by
designing within your Big User's boundaries.

If you design for her, as an individual, do you risk making decisions
based on her existing practices, preferences, prejudices and taste,
instead of the glorious What Could Be? Personas let us make design
decisions based on real facts, while at the same time thinking beyond
discrete instances.

24 Jan 2005 - 10:43am
11 years ago
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Greg Petroff

the big persona


Anyone have an idea on how to adress the creation of a
persona for a single special user?

I have an internal project where there is an amazing
and well known senior manager who needs to be part of
the persona process except that its too transparent.
You can read the persona and you know its her. There
is realy no hybrid I can build.

And she is a valid user of the system we are building
and also the one paying for the project.

24 Jan 2005 - 9:50am
Josh Seiden

road signs, type, aging drivers

Revising the typeface of US road signs.

Interesting piece. Not IxD, but related.


(NY Times free registration required.)


23 Jan 2005 - 6:47pm
11 years ago
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Dan Zlotnikov

Powerpoint vs. "regular" slides

I recall reading an article in which powerpoint was blamed for its
inefficient and ineffectual presentation of data. A comparison was
then made between a single slide and something like four powerpoint
slides that were needed to present the same data, losing the
obviousness of certain trends in the process.

I've just spent a good half an hour trying to find it with zero
success, so I'm hoping someone here knows what I'm talking about.

21 Jan 2005 - 11:11pm
11 years ago
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Navneet Nair

Portal View Usability

Is there any study on the usability of Portalized views?

Basically we are looking at collating information from a number of
sources and providing a single view of all actionable items to the

21 Jan 2005 - 5:39pm
11 years ago
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Pradyot Rai

Creative Brief!

Hi there,

One of my acquaintances wants to get her website designed for her
small business. She wants to create a Creative Brief before she
approaches Designers for quote. She asked me if I can get any such
template of some sort. Is there anything that you can guide me?

Any pointer, document, book, paper, etc. will greatly help.



21 Jan 2005 - 1:02pm
Dave Malouf

ADMIN: Ziya's self-departure


On his own accord has decided to leave the list. He gave no reason to me,
but of course there is the reaction to being "moderated".

I bare him no grudge and if he decides to return on his own, he is more than
free to do so within the confines of the guidelines.

People have used this issue as an opportunity to question moderation.
It would appear that people who appreciate what I have done have followed my
request to NOT bring things up here a lot more than people who haven't.

21 Jan 2005 - 8:34am
11 years ago
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OT - Message threads and replies

If I am steeping on anyone's toes here, I apologize in advance, but this
specific topic does not appear to be covered in the list guidelines..

If I could, I would like to make a request that people to not use the "Reply"
button to post a new message with a different subject inside an existing
threads inside a new thread. For those of us who use threaded mail readers
that support the "In-Reply-To" header, it makes browsing this list a real