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8 Nov 2004 - 6:40am
11 years ago
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Narey, Kevin

Keely's(sp?) Model (was Experience design vs interac tion design)

Any takers on a Keely's(sp?) model discussion?

For those not familiar with it and on the basis that my ASCII art skills are
strictly limited, I'll attempt to explain what it is....

Keely's model is a triangle representing a hypothetical 'product'.
Each side of the triangle is labelled with the following:

Capability (Engineering)
Viability (Business)
Desirability (Design)

I interpreted the hypothesis to be "a successful product comprises the
following..." The model is further used to show the relative maturity
present of the above three components in major organisations (FTSE 100

5 Nov 2004 - 5:15pm
Dave Malouf

"Design" ... What's up w/ Digital Design?

In the spirit of Ziya's "I'm a designer" pitch. I recently wrote an
article that addresses this concern within what I am calling the digital
design community.

Check it out: <http://synapticburn.com/comments.php?id=17_0_1_0>

5 Nov 2004 - 4:25pm
11 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Prototypes as a form of documentation ... What about?


I'm a pretty big believer in that prototypes make excelent communication
tools for designers. I'm all but sold.

I do have a question though and I would love to get some assistance.

I have an application where the GUI changes depending on many factors: role,
browser/technology, permissions on objects, type of object, entry point into
the app, etc.

When doing a prototype how do you communicate all these subtle pieces and
still maintain some sort of constraint on the size of the prototype? I mean
the prototype should not be "every" possible view, should it?

5 Nov 2004 - 1:33pm

Reminder: CA bay area, First Friday is tonight

Hello everyone,
Just a reminder... join us tonight at South First Billiards in San Jose
First Friday,  user experience designer happy hour.

5 Nov 2004 - 11:52am
11 years ago
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Matt Eliot

Experience design vs interaction design

How do folks distinguish interaction design from experience design? These
seem to exist in some sort of Bermuda triangle. Are there clear
distinctions? I know that experience design takes place in a variety of
contexts, including architecture and event planning. But in HCI-related
industries, how are folks defining themselves?


Matt Eliot
Technical Communication
University of Washington

4 Nov 2004 - 2:49pm
11 years ago
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Anastasia Fischer

current 'industry-standards' for page load?

Help! I need to come up with some metric for page load performance (web

I realize that this topic is integrally tied up with efficiency of task
performance from the user perspective, none the less this does not free me
from the obligation (requested by my business team) to provide some sort of
metric on the subject. I have read through alot web sites, but find only
rough highly conditional measurements.

Can anyone direct me to resources, or have ideas on how to address this?



Anastasia Fischer
Customer Experience
Tel: 207.596.5549

4 Nov 2004 - 11:57am
11 years ago
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are mac users "handicapped" computer users?

Ok -

here's a real bomb of a discussion topic (or subject title at least).

3 Nov 2004 - 6:45pm
11 years ago
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CD tutorial

Apparently, Lynda.com released a new CD-ROM tutorial, "Interaction Design."
A client's in-house designers asked me today if I saw it and/or recommend
it. I haven't and I was hoping someone here already has and could share any
thoughts on it.

Nullius in Verba

2 Nov 2004 - 9:36pm
Anjali Arora, NYU

Know of any research into photo-sharing apps


Can any of you point me to interesting research that is available about
photo-sharing apps? I am designing one as an academic project, & would like
to incorporate & be aware of research done on this.

Many thanks.
Anjali Arora,
Interactive Telecommunications Program,
Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
aa917 at nyu.edu

2 Nov 2004 - 3:29pm
Dave Malouf

JOB: Asst. Prof of IxD @ Univ. Washington (Seattle, WA) - tenure track

[I am passing this along, replies to me will not be acted upon. Please
follow the instructions in the posting below. -- dave]

Assistant Professor of Interaction Design

University of Washington

The Division of Design in the School of Art at the University of Washington
in Seattle seeks applicants for a full-time, tenure-track position in
Interaction Design starting September 2005.