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10 Aug 2004 - 3:04pm
12 years ago
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Jon-Eric Steinbomer

RE: Displaying Status on a Button

Eric Svoboda Wrote:

>I have to agree with Jim that a pull-down (or similar element) would be
>standard here. Of course, if you have just 3-4 selections, a radio
>button group would be nice.
>I think you feel uneasy because your current design in non-standard.
>Buttons generally don't show status just as status displays generally
>aren't controls. Elements like the pull-down and radio button group
>offer both status display and control.

10 Aug 2004 - 4:11am
12 years ago
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Martyn Jones BSc

Displaying Status on a DROP_DOWN

Out of curiosity - is there a convention for what to display as the default
item in a drop-down? For example, should it be some instructional text such
as, "Select from the following..." (however, in HTML I think this would need
to be added as an item in the drop-down list, although it wouldn't has any
associated navigation functionality). Alternatively, should it display the
most recently selected option? Does it implementation depend more on it's
purpose (i.e.

9 Aug 2004 - 3:25pm
IxDG Public Rel...

Interaction Design Group Launches Web Site

Interaction Design Group Launches Web Site

For Immediate Release

August 9, 2004 ::: The Interaction Design Group (IxDG) today launched its
Web site at www.ixdg.org, to serve the needs of the international community
of practitioners, teachers, and students of interaction design.

The Interaction Design Group Web site will provide resources for both people
and organizations who want to learn more about and advance the practice of
interaction design.

9 Aug 2004 - 1:39pm
12 years ago
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Jon-Eric Steinbomer

Displaying Status on a Button

A developer colleague and I have been discussing at length what I
consider to be a less than ideal interaction.It’s regarding the display
of status information on a button and I’m looking for some input on what
exactly is wrong with the paradigm (or if I’m wrong for thinking it to
be flawed).

Some background on the design: within a properties dialogue we present a
text entry field containing a numerical value drawn from a normal
distribution. To the right of the text field is a graphical button
displaying a normal distribution curve.

6 Aug 2004 - 7:45am
Dave Malouf

ADMIN: filtering certain attachment types

Hi everyone,

With the great help of Michael Bartlett I've configured both the Discuss@
and Workgroup@ lists so that only a specific type of attachments can get
through. If an attachment doesn't match a specific mime type it will not be
allowed onto the list.

image, office apps, pdf, flash are still allowed through.

PIF, ZIP, and EXE are NOT allowed through (e.g.)

For the most part people shouldn't be sending attachments at all through
this list of any type ... but there might be cases where it is necessary and
I don't want to eliminate it at all.

5 Aug 2004 - 12:56am
H Taylor

Re: Users and Groups UI

Well, if you're looking for precedents with user and groups GUI's, why
don't you start with server OS's? Look at Win NT/2000 (/XP?) Server,
Apple's older ASIP Server, OS X Server... I'm not personally aware of
any *NIX system that uses a GUI for users and groups (but that doesn't
mean there isn't one). Also, I think some of the "network appliance"
servers have a web-based GUI for U&G admin.

As to where you might get access, it shouldn't be too hard to find
someone using Windows servers wherever you are.

3 Aug 2004 - 1:23pm
12 years ago
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Schomer, Todd

Users and Groups UI

Hello All,

I am looking for examples of "user and groups" UI.

I have a product where I need to be able to view and assign users and
groups. I'd like to be able to click on a user to view which groups they are
in, and add/remove a group in their list. I would also like to be able to
click on a group and see which users are in it, and add/remove users.

Any examples you could throw my way, would be appreciated. I'd like to come
up with something clever, that isn't too clunky.


3 Aug 2004 - 11:41am
12 years ago
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nspraker at com...

Windows Control - Status indicator

I am working on a development project for a Windows application (not web-based). The target audience is an average Windows user that will be using the application for 6-8 hours everyday. The application allows the user to perform many different business tasks. Each business task could contain several steps. I am looking for a Windows control that will allow the user to quickly see what step they are in within the business task. However, I do not want to go with a Wizard approach since it will slow down the user and speed is critical.

3 Aug 2004 - 7:58am
kaushikg2004 at...

Call for Paper - IHCI 2004, Bangalore, India

Call for Papers
India HCI 2004
India Human Computer Interaction Conference
Bangalore, India
26th – 27th November 2004

§ Academic Research Papers
§ Industrial Case Studies
§ Institutional Reviews
§ Panel Discussions

The first India Human Computer Interaction Conference (ICHI 2004) will take place at Bangalore, India from November 26th to 27th 2004. IHCI 2004 is organized by the Indo-European Systems Usability Partnership (IESUP), British Computer Society (BCS) and the Computer Society of India (CSI).