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29 Apr 2013 - 12:15pm
Eva Kaniasty

Usability Testing Class in Cambridge, MA - May 9 and 16

I will be teaching an in-person class on Usability Testing at General Assembly in Cambridge (Kendall Square) next month. This is a foundations class for those who wish to master the process of planning, conducting, and analyzing usability testing data. 

19 Apr 2013 - 1:20pm
3 years ago
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Rich Gunther

Ovo Studios announces $99 recording product: Ovo Solo 2.0

Ovo Studios has released Ovo Solo 2.0, a lightweight software application for recording User Experience research.  

Ovo Solo allows users to record:

Patrick Sansom

UX Camp Brighton 2012 Lightning Redux

UX Brighton are providing another chance for folks to take in a selection of talks from 

William Hudson

Reminder: Agile Article and Usability Evaluation Webinar

(Apologies if you receive more than one of these.)

Reminder – Agile UCD Article; Usability Evaluation Webinar on Thursday

Just a brief reminder about my Agile UCD article in the Agile Record: User Requirements in the 21st Century. I'll also be giving a talk along similar lines at UCD 2012 in London on Saturday 10 November.


Slides and Q&A notes from the Digital Dialogues talk on Feb 29

Thanks to all for coming out to the AIGA Digital Dialogues talk with @gradybritton and @knuckleheadspdx on the build of the Choicelunch iPhone app. The discussion was particularly great, especially re: prototyping for the focus group and adopting a lean ux workflow, so I thought I'd post some of the highlights.

View the Slideshare deck and Q&A notes.

Louis Rosenfeld

UX workshops in Mountain View, NYC, Washington DC


Hi all, sorry for the cross-duplication--just my once-a-season plug for Rosenfeld Media's upcoming UX workshop series ( ). As always, they're very practical and engaging, with lots of hands-on exercises, and intimate (typically capped at 50 per workshop). This season we've assembled an amazing line-up of day-long workshops and  instructors:

Dana Chisnell

How you can help usability test ranked choice voting in San Francisco and Oakland on Dec 10

Bay Area people, I need your help to usability test ranked choice voting. Join me December 10 in Oakland and San Francisco. Details below: 

Flash usability test of ranked choice voting in Oakland and San Francisco 

What about the design of ranked choice ballots could be changed to help voters vote they way they intend?

28 Feb 2011 - 4:35am
5 years ago
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Graham Sear

Remote usability testing


We're doing some usability testing for our new website with the current approach to be: think aloud in a lab with eye-tracking. I'm exploring some cheaper alternatives, and aside from doing it myself and recruiting people I've been looking at some remote usability testing.

I've been looking at, loop11, userzoom. Has anyone had much success with these and what would they recommend?

6 Jan 2011 - 7:57am
5 years ago
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Graham Sear

Planning internal usability lab

We're setting up a small internal usability lab at work to use for usability testing and PET interviews. I'm planning to use 2 rooms: one for interviewer and participant and one for observer. We don't have a one-way mirror but I am intending to set up a video camera in the interviewing room to be streamed/broadcast to the observation room and screencast the laptop.

24 Aug 2010 - 10:59am
6 years ago
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What is your ideal user research lab set-up?

I am curious to know what type of equipment and technology your ideal user research lab set-up would include. What are you currently using in your lab and what is on your wishlist for in-person, remote, and mobile usability testing?

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