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12 Apr 2013 - 3:56pm
3 years ago
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Patricia Mourthé

Which tools are you using for remote usability testing and unmoderated user testing?

Hello everyone,

We're shopping for an unmoderated user testing tool and I'd like to know which tool you would recommend.

There are several tools out there... I found Solidify app (for prototyping test) by ZURB. Anyone using it? If so, how do you rate it as usefull in terms of detecting early usability problems in the prototype or mockup? If it has helped you, how?

If you has used other tools, how'd you rate it (pros xs cons)? 




PROPOSAL: Remote User Testing - LET'S TRADE! - I'll show you mine if you show me yours

Fellow IxDA colleagues, interaction peers, and UX design nutjobs!

LET'S SWAP USER TESTS!! (Hey, baby... I'll test your app if you test mine!)

So, like in this community, I'm an Interaction/UX designer working on an app. We're trying to get some good hands-on user testing and as a UX guy, I'm keen on getting that extra critical feedback only possible from keen IxD peeps such as yourself.

Whadaya say???

Please DM me at Jackson at and we can take it from there.

16 Jan 2012 - 12:50pm
4 years ago
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Remote Usability Testing on an iPad


Does anyone have suggestions for tools that could be used to moderate remote usability tests on an iPad? We have built a prototype via Axure and would like our participants to use the prototype in the context of their everyday. Most remote usability methods I've seen for iPads are pretty clunky – they require a screen share with another computer or hugging a laptop with a webcam, etc. Is there a simpler way to perform moderated, remote usability tests on an iPad?

Thanks for your insight! 

– Liana

13 Jul 2010 - 1:34pm
Jared M. Spool

[PLUG] Remote Usabiliy Testing - Nate Bolt - 7/15 - UIE Virtual Seminar

To go along with the recent discussion of remote usability testing tools here on the IxDA discussion board, we've got a special offer for IxDA readers.

On 7/15, Nate Bolt will deliver his fabulous session on Remote Usability Testing, sharing his latest thinking on the technique, including a good round-up of the lastest tools - pros & cons.

Use the IXDA promotion code when you register and get free lifetime access to the webinar that you can share with everyone in your organization. (A $40 value.)


UserZoom Website

Hello IXDAers,

We are proud to inform you that has just gotten a facelift and a full makeover.  Now chocked full of great information on how we conduct remote user experience research, our site is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about about the art of remote user testing.  

16 Apr 2009 - 6:57pm
5 years ago
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Elizabeth Bacon

Round-up of remote usability testing systems

Hiya folks,

Firstly, thanks to those who contributed to two recent threads here
about remote usability testing systems! I happen to be shopping for a
solution myself, and so I did a big round-up of the offerings that I
could discover. See:

On a high-level, there is the asynchronous, unmoderated, remote
system, available for a wide range of prices.

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