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IxDA Interaction Awards - Submit and celebrate your work!


It's time to celebrate our achievements as interaction designers. It's time for us demonstrate that the work we do is impactful, it's everywhere and it is absolutely necessary in designing the best products, systems and services.  IxDA is proud to have added the Interaction Awards as a new platform for us to celebrate our discipline, and reflect amazing work back out beyond our communities to the broader design and business communities.

I encourage you to take pride in the work you've done and submit it for consideration to the IxDA Interaction Awards. Encourage your colleagues. Encourage your design communities.  Here's your chance to shine a global light on the good work happening in your area of the world. We're extending the deadline until September 22, so you have few more weeks to submit your work! Please enter the awards by Thursday, September 22nd.

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Interaction Awards - Why Are There Fees for Entry?

Since the launch of the Interaction Awards last week, a few people have asked us why there are fees for entry, and where all of that money goes. The answer is simple: the entry fees are in place to fund the Awards program itself, and to create a new platform within IxDA for recognizing tangible examples of design excellence.

The scope of the Interaction Awards is ambitious. The impact of our growing field is wide and diverse, and it is our mission to reach beyond our community to demonstrate the value of interaction design within the global economy. Creating this conversation on an international scale requires commitment, logistics, infrastructure, and, well, travel. It’s these things, and hopefully a lot more, that your entry fees will support.

6 Jun 2011 - 11:20am
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Welcome to the Interaction Awards!

We’re very excited to open the inaugural Interaction Awards for entry, as announced in Fast Company this morning. We created the awards to celebrate excellence in our field, and to encourage the global interaction design community to share our work. The 2012 Awards will start a dialogue, inspire designers and businesses alike, raise the profile of interaction design, and demonstrate its value in the global economy. Any projects completed within the past two years are eligible, so please submit your past projects and tell all of your friends. Reflecting the diversity of the global IxDA community, entry fees are tiered according to your geography and professional status. Prizes will be awarded to professionals and students alike, for production and concept work within six interaction categories.

8 Mar 2011 - 1:02am
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Be a part of the IxDA Interaction Awards planning committee

The Interaction Awards need your help!

The Interaction Awards are IxDA's inaugural international Interaction Design awards, with selections being celebrated in Dublin in February 2012.

There are several opportunities for talented and motivated community members to be a part of the planning committee.  All Interaction Award committee members get a free registration to Interaction 12 in Dublin.

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