12 Feb 2014 - 3:16pm

Jan Willem Huisman: Designing to unleash playfulness and curiosity

Curiosity and playfulness are deeply embedded in our mind and feed the urge for learning and exploring. It’s this behavior that pushes intelligent species forward in their evolution. When Jan Willem graduated multimedia design at the Royal College of Arts in London, he was fascinated by this phenomenon and started his quest to unleash this primal source of energy.
27 Sep 2011 - 8:42am

MFA Interaction Design in Industrial Design

Interaction Design program is the latest addition to Purdue's prestigious Industrial Design area within the Department of Art & Design.

Based on our experience on design education and collaboration with the industry, we notice and understand the urgent needs of interaction design in the domain to shape everyday life. We look for the harmonious integration of both physical and visual interactions in the product design.

The area of Interaction Design offers a 2~3 year MFA graduate program.

Karl Herler

Kim Goodwin - Each One, Teach One


We all have reason to be proud of the progress our profession has made in recent years. Awareness of (and demand for) interaction design is at an all-time high. We have better job opportunities and better salaries than ever before. Product managers, engineers, and other stakeholders are increasingly drawn to interaction design’s promise: more successful products and services, greater customer loyalty, and more efficient and effective processes.


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