Thank you for your support

Janna DeVylder

Since Sunday, together as a community we have raised $15,813, by 717 contributions!  This includes the $600 match by the IxDA Board, as you well-exceeded the call.

We can’t thank you enough, and are thankful that so many of you stepped up to chip in.

What’s next:

We’ll be holding the drawing for the last IxD’10 registration later this evening, as well as the 40 books from Morgan Kaufmann, and the licenses from ArtinSoft and the Usability Kit from Apogee Usability Asia.

Be on the look out for an official thank you, and a request for us to publicly acknowledge your support.

We’ll soon be creating a space where we can keep you updated specifically about our infrastructure project, where the money is going, who we choose to work with and opportunities for you to participate.

While we are now officially closing our support drive, you can still contribute, but now we will spare your inboxes.

If you have any ideas or feedback, or want to get more involved, let us know!

Thank you again!

Janna DeVylder
President, IxDA

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