IxDA website fix progress updates and staying involved

Matt Nish-Lapidus

It's been a while since the last official progress update, so I'm hoping to rectify that now.  

There are a number of things happening on the IxDA.org front, including a push to make the progress more open and accessible to members. As a first step we have a new, public, bug tracker at http://tracker.ixda.org. We're using that as a place to organize any issues, improvements, new features, and other site work. You can view the topics to see what we're working on and how it's all prioritized. For now it's publicly viewable, but you have to request an account if you want to get involved in reporting and tracking. You can use the contact form on ixda.org to do that.

Secondly, here's an update on the things we're currently working on:

  • Out-of-office replies:  This is a big annoyance.  We have made a few updates that have helped, but not eliminated it completely.  We're not sure what to try next, but are continually coming up with new ideas.  If you have ideas or want to help out please check out the related thread on Get Satisfaction.
  • Spam:  Still a big issue, we're currently implementing and testing a new moderation queue for the discussions.  This will be ready to go soon and should eliminate list spam.
  • Email digest format:  The next task, after spam is taken care of, is to fix up the email digest formats to be more like the old mailman digests.  I don't have an exact timeline for finishing this yet, but it's coming soon.


Beyond those three things we're organizing and prioritizing the list at tracker.ixda.org to decide what to work on next.  

If anybody is interested in volunteering as a moderator, drupal developer, or other, please get in touch using the contact form on ixda.org.

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