IxDA Infrastructure Initiative, re-launched

Elizabeth Bacon

Dear IxDA Members,

As an IxDA Director, I’m pleased to be able to use our new Board Blog to publicly re-launch an initiative dedicated to delivering next-generation infrastructure for IxDA.org.

If you’re an avid IxDA list reader, you may have seen mention of this infrastructure initiative over the past few months. Nasir Barday, another IxDA Director, and myself have been the core team, working with other Board members and several other leaders in our community. We were moving rather quickly towards finalizing the feature list and creating an RFP for development resources. However, some list discussion in November helped us realize that this important initiative should better reflect the spirit of IxDA’s commitment to openness, member contributions, and networked collaboration.

Therefore, I’m hereby issuing an open call for anybody who’d like to contribute to this initiative to join the team. We need energetic folks ready to contribute their time and skills to help with interaction design, visual design, and potentially web development work (likely using Drupal). We’re looking for a commitment of at least 3-5 hours per week for the next several months at least, plus a willingness to stick to project deadlines.

If you’re interested and available, please visit this interim page:http://is.gd/bxPgto and use the form send us your information. Make sure to select “Infrastructure/Technology” as your initiative of interest. We’ll give it a week to gather interested parties, and then I’ll invite everyone who replies to our working project area.

We intend to continue employing an organized team-based approach to ensure that our efforts are coordinated and moving in the same direction to improve IxDA.org in several key areas. The scope of the project is still very much open for discussion. Throughout the project, I will work to ensure that the IxDA community has visibility on our status and deliverables. We will also be defining some community-wide checkpoints to share and hopefully validate the outputs from this initiative before the new system is built.

Thanks for your attention, and please contact us before December 20th to get on board!

Best regards,

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