Infrastructure Initiative update

Elizabeth Bacon

Dear IxDA members,

I’m pleased to provide a progress report on the Infrastructure initiative. This project, for which I am the project manager, aims to significantly update the website, most particularly in the areas of local groups, an events calendar, member profiles and improved discussion tools.

In early December, this initiative was re-launched with a call for contributors from our community. Over 20 people responded to that call and were invited into IxDA’s Basecamp system where we conduct our internal business. In early January, we formally kicked-off the project with several Skype teleconferences where we introduced ourselves to each other and disseminated the goals & background of this initiative. Team members hail from Europe, India, Canada and the UK as well as the United States, and bring an awesome range of interests and skills to the table.

The project is pursuing a multi-phase plan, as follows: 1) Kick-off; 2) Definition; 3) Design & Validation; 4) Development. I have thrown down the gauntlet with a proposal that we achieve our first release by my birthday of June 6, 2009. We shall see! Any prayers on our behalf are appreciated. ;)

Presently, we’re in the early-middle of Phase 2. We have divided into two teams, one focusing on personas, scenarios & feature prioritization while the other is focusing on technical platform considerations. The former team is especially working to put together activities for the community to provide input; one will be for attendees of the upcoming Interaction’09 conference and another will be a survey that we will distribute to the Discuss list at large. The technology team is kicking the tires of Drupal, our leading CMS solution, and ensuring that we haven’t discounted alternative approaches or platforms.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to voice them. Thanks for your attention and continued support of IxDA as we valiantly strive to improve our community’s experience!


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